Josephine Bush- Tragedy Of Billy Bush Mother

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Josephine Bush- Tragedy Of Billy Bush Mother

Josephine Bush is the mother of American radio and television host Billy Bush

She was born in the year 1930. She is currently 93 years old. She is an American citizen. 

Josephine Bush's late husband and son.
Josephine Bush's late husband and son. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Josephine was married to her late husband, Jonathan Bush, a banker. 

They got married to each other back in 1967. Josephine shares two children with her late husband, both of whom are sons. 

Their son's name is Jonathan Bush and Billy Bush. Josephine and her late husband were together till 2021, as in 2021, her husband passed away at the age of 90.

Josephine Bush with her late husband, Jonathan Bush.
Josephine Bush with her late husband, Jonathan Bush. Source: Instagram

Josephine is well known because of her son Billy, a television sensation. Josephine's oldest son Jonathan is an entrepreneur. 

Josephine Bush's late husband and their two sons.
Josephine Bush's late husband and their two sons. Source: Instagram

About Josephine’s Son Billy 

Billy is an American radio and television host. He is well known for hosting the TV show Bush League Morning Show.

Billy was previously married to his ex-wife Sydney Davis. They got married in 1998. They have three children together. Billy and Sydney got divorced in 2019

Josephine Bush with her son, Billy Bush.
Josephine Bush with her son, Billy Bush. Source: Instagram

Playing Games With Ex-Wife

In 2020, during the pandemic, Billy and Sydney lived together after their divorce. 

Billy and Sydney had a great time with each other, and according to Billy, he played games with his ex-wife and had a good time with their three children. 

Billy also said that his ex-wife is one of the greatest people he met and they had an amazing time during the pandemic. 

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Billy is currently 51 years old. He has a net worth of $13 Million. His source of income is radio and television host. 

Josephine Is The Backbone Of The Family

Josephine is known to be the mother of the famous actor Billy. But more than the actor's mother, Billy expressed that she was the backbone of their whole family. 

He revealed that Josephine was why his whole family united and had the strength to make their dream come true. 

He revealed that with all the unconditional love and support, his mother has always been there for him and his family.

Moreover, Billy described his mother as a smart, loving, intelligent lady with a big heart.

Josephine’s Husband Taught The Good Things

Josephine’s husband Jonathan is no more in this world, but from what his son Billy has revealed, Jonathan left a lot of memories and his effects on Billy and his children. Billy claims to stay with them for their lifetime. 

Billy revealed that Jonathan was a fun guy with a lot of humor. He entertained the family and acted as the leader who always guides them on the path of good deeds.

Josephine’s husband taught the children all the good things and morals from his times, leaving the bad ones so they could go on the right path. 

Billy even revealed that even in his life without his father, he still remembers all the things said by his father and said that it had saved him from following the wrong paths.

Billy Doesn’t Like Politics

Billy is a well-known TV host and a big name in the television world. But in his family, everyone is in the field of politics. 

He is the nephew of George H. W. Bush, the former President. Moreover, his cousin Jeb Bush was a Governor of Florida in the past, and in the previous election, Jeb went against Trump

But Billy never even considered the path of politics for his career. He was always disinterested in the field of politics. 

It was not exactly that he hated the field, as he respected his cousin and uncle for their work and career. 

But still, in his personal preference, he prefers to stay away from politics. He even said that the Bush in his name is just for the name, whereas the Billy in his name is him and his identity.

Billy Made Fun Of Kendall Jenner 

Billy is a TV personality who hosts many shows. He has been involved in many controversial moments in his hosting period.

With the ending of his controversy with Donald Trump, the celebrity yet got involved in another controversy with the famous model Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner is fond of trying out different costumes and sexy dress-ups.

Following her wish, she dressed in the costume of Disney’s Toy Story character Jessie

Jessie has been one of the kid’s favorite characters. So, modifying the costume of the character in a quite open and sexy way was something that Billy couldn’t digest. 

Soon he stated that after Kendall Jenner’s dress-up, he could not see the Jessie character from the animated series the way he used to see it before. 

It was quite a sexual comment that dragged him to the controversy.

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