Josette Tchouameni – Meet Mother Of Aurelien Tchouameni

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Josette Tchouameni – Meet Mother Of Aurelien Tchouameni

Josette Tchouameni is the mother of a French professional footballer, Aurelien Tchouameni, who plays for La Liga Club Real Madrid and the France national team as a defensive midfielder.

Josette is from Bafang, a town in Cameroon. She is a senior education advisor in the Lyon region.

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Married life and kids

Josette is married to her husband Fernand Tchouameni who was born in Nsamba

Together they have three kids, two sons and a daughter. Aurelien is the eldest son born in January 2000

Their other two kids are Anne-Maisha, 20, and Yannis, 17. Anne-Maisha is a student at Edhec Lille and Yannis is in Canada studying basketball.

Josette Tchouameni with her son Aurelien Tchouameni
Josette Tchouameni with her son Aurelien Tchouameni. Source: Instagram

Her husband works with a vaccine production plant and is a trained pharmacist. 

Aurelien acquired French nationality in December 2000 through the collective effect of their naturalization.

As parents, she and her husband never restricted their son from doing whatever he wanted to. 

They always told him he could do anything he wanted, but in the end, he had to be the best. 

If he wanted to work in the company, he had to be the director of that company; if he wanted to be the chef, he had to work in the best restaurant. 

Aurelian says those mentalities allow him to be the person he is today.

Josette Tchouameni husband Fernand Tchouameni and sons Aurelien Tchouameni and Yannis Tchouameni
Josette Tchouameni husband Fernand Tchouameni and sons Aurelien Tchouameni and Yannis Tchouameni. Source: YouTube


She is 52 years old.

She is a big fan of her son 

Josette, in a phone interview, said that she is a huge fan of her son Aurelien, and it didn't start when her son left for Monaco or the national team, explaining that she is in another dimension when she sees her son play. 

She also said that her children are her reason for being and if everything has to stop for them, she doesn't question herself, she will go.

Josette Tchouameni says she is a huge fan of her son Aurelien Tchouameni
Josette Tchouameni says she is a huge fan of her son Aurelien Tchouameni. Source: Facebook

He was trash, but he was my role model-Aurelien said of his father

Her husband, Aurelien's father played football for clubs in France and Belgium

Still, he never became professional but he became a role model for his son instilling in him the love for football. 

Aurelien in an interview via The Bridge said he used to go and see his dad train every morning who according to him played in the small clubs. 

He watched him play and decided he wanted to try it. "He was a trash, but he was a role model, my role model," he said of his father.

Ferdinand, in a late 2020 meeting with his son, said he asked his son to give him two to three hours so that he could talk to him face to face, and after he agreed, he told him he hadn't recognized him recently and that he had become an ordinary footballer. 

Aurelian's reply to his father was, "Father, you will see." 

Her son revealed receiving death threats 

Aurelian has been dealing with racial abuse for a long time. 

Back in 2021, he was racially abused by Sparta Prague fans in the stadium while he was celebrating a Champions League goal with AS Monaco and later received death threats. 

He took his Instagram to talk about the incident that took place on the field of Sparta Prague

He celebrated his goal the same way as usual when a monkey's cries were thrown at him and responded in the best possible way on the ground. 

And also that the hate messages and the death threats he has received do not reach him. He is not going to let hate win, he wrote. 

He also urged for a change by writing what happened must not go unpunished and questioned the UEFA protocol about why they can't do the same for the racist chants in the stadium as they can stop a game for 5 minutes to check if the player was offside by an inch and why aren't they (players) who are racially abused associated with the creation of that protocol.

Her son has a special notebook

Her son has a habit of jotting down the important quotes that he finds inspiring, and it is the habit he developed early on in his career. 

Describing himself as a visual learner, he said he loves to write it down so that he can see it again later. 

In his special notebook, he writes almost everything, especially the critical side of things, which, according to him, is pivotal when you play at the highest level, and also the tactical side after meeting with coaches and video analysts.

Aurelien also said he reads a lot. 

He is inclined to read books about psychology, determination, and how to give oneself the best chance of striving toward excellence.

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