Josh Bourelle

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Josh Bourelle

Josh Bourelle is the ex-husband of American television personality and television host Tayshia Adams

Josh himself is a Roofing Contractor by his profession. He is currently 30 years old. He is living in Los Angeles, California

His nationality is American

Josh's ex-wife posing in her photo
Josh's ex-wife posing in her photo  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Tayshia Adams 

Tayshia was in a relationship with Josh previously. 

They started dating back in 2012, and four years later, they got married. 

They stayed as a couple for a year and later ended their relationship. They split in October 2017.

She then dated Chase Olswang in 2017.

They dated him for a very short time. 

In 2019 she dated John Paul Jones, whom she met on Bachelor in Paradise. They dated a few times and later broke up. 

As of 2021, She is in a relationship with Zac Clark. They both met each other on the 16th season of Bachelorette in 2020

At the finale of that show, Zac proposed Tayshia, and she couldn't deny that. 

Currently, they are engaged and happy and enjoying their love life.

Tayshia with her fiancé
Tayshia with her fiancé   Source: Instagram

About Tayshia Adams 

Tayshia is an American Television personality and TV host born on 4 September 1990

She is the daughter of Rosario and Desmond Adams and was raised in California. She is one who pursued a hosting career

Before being a TV host, she used to be a phlebotomist.

She came to the spotlight in 2019 after she showed her appearance in the show named The Bachelor

She also showed her presence in Bachelor in Paradise too. As of 2021, She has launched her clothing band. 

She is gaining a lot of success.


Her ex-wife is 31 years old. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Tayshia is $1-$5 Million. Her source of income is a television personality and television host

The average income of a TV personality is $44683 per year.

Josh Is The First Boyfriend Of Tayshia

Josh is a professional roofing contractor, whereas Tayshia is a TV personality

Both of them used to date each other while they were in college. They were in a long-distance relationship, which was hard for them. 

For Tayshia, it was her first relationship, which lasted quite a long time since they even got married. 

But their marriage didn't last long. 

They broke up and divorced from each other just after a year of marriage due to a lack of understanding.

Tayshia Adams Was Rushed To An Emergency

Tayshia is a former marathon runner, and she still runs quite often. 

In 2021, Adams was rushed into the hospital's emergency ward for some reason. 

Her fans were worried and guessed that something had happened to her while running. 

But later, things were cleared as she revealed everything. She was having severe stomach pain. 

She was diagnosed with an appendix and a stone in the kidney. She stayed in the hospital for a while. 

She was so much in pain. Although she was around medical experts, she still felt uneasy about the whole situation. 

She missed her bed. After some time, she took some medicine back home and left the hospital. She was not completely healed. 

Still, she sometimes faces stomach pain, but now the pain is low and doesn't frequently occur.

Tayshia Adams Injured Her Leg

Tayshia was walking to get her skittles in the vending machine. She suddenly heard a song behind her back and was enjoying the song. 

When she turned around, she saw a truck with her friends inside. She was looking inside by the window and talking to her friends. 

She loved hanging in the door. Her friends said that they would hold her and let the driver drive. 

She was hanging in the moving truck and was having fun. But after a while, there was a speed breaker. 

By its shock, she fell off, and the back tire rolled over her leg. Her bone cracked, and she was taken to hospital. 

She had a tires mark on her leg, which didn't go with ease. Not only that, but she also needed to plaster her leg. 

After that, she didn't even know how to walk for a while, so she had to get training to walk again.

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