Joy Robson – Tragedy Of Wade Robson Mother

by Manisha Sun Aug 20 2023 Updated On Thu Mar 14 2024
Joy Robson – Tragedy Of Wade Robson Mother

Joy Robson is the mother of Australian dancer and choreographer Wade Robson. She was married to Dennis Robson. They had three kids together. 

She worked as a hairdresser. She left her third child and husband in Australia and moved to Los Angeles with her two kids, a son, Wade, and a daughter, Chantal.

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Joy's husband hanged himself in 2002

Joy moved to LA with her two kids with the help of Michael Jackson. Her son Wade went on a tour with Michael

Her eldest son, Shane, was in Australia. Shane also decided to join his mother and two siblings, so he left Australia to move to Los Angeles.

Joy's husband, Dennis, hanged himself two hours his son after his son left home. They got the news of his death the next day and said that he was bipolar. 

Wade, who was working on his upcoming tour, didn’t grieve his father's death and continued to focus on his work. 


Her son, Wade, is 41 years old. He is 6 feet 3 inches tall. He weighs around 74 kg.

Net worth

Her son, Wade, has an estimated net worth of $1 million

He has managed to earn this fortune through his career as a dancer, choreographer, music video director, and songwriter. 

Wade talked about his thoughts about Michael Jackson when he was a kid

Wade shared that he watched the making of Thriller when he was two years old, and from then on, he became obsessed with Michael Jackson

He said he started doing some dance moves, watching him all day. 

He said that at that age, he couldn’t even walk properly, but he started dancing. He filled his bedroom walls with photographs of Jackson

He said he became an idol to him, and he wanted to be like him, dress like him, and look like him. 

He also curled his hair so that his hair would look like his hair.

Joy Robson with her husband, children and Michael Jackson
Joy Robson with her husband, children and Michael Jackson. Source: Pinterest

Wade talked about hanging out with Michael for the first time

Wade was five years old when he danced with Michael in a show. He said he had an incredible time performing with him. 

He said they hung out for two hours the next day in his hotel room. His mother, Joy, was also with him. 

After that, he was not in touch with him for the next two years.

Wade talked about his friendship with Michael.

Wade reconnected with Michael when he was seven.

He shared that when they met again after two years, he said they were brought together by god. 

He told him how amazing and talented he was at such a young age. Jackson wanted to spend time with him. 

At that time he felt special as he thought that he was chosen by Michael out of all the kids in the world. 

He told him he was his best friend.

Wade talked about when the abuse actually started

Wade said Michael invited him to his ranch, which he called Neverland. Wade took his sister with him. Michael gave them a tour of his ranch. 

He said it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, as it was surrounded by flowers, statues, lights, and trees. 

At night, he told them they could stay in his guest room or his room. 

He loved Michael, so it was obvious that he wanted to stay in his room. He said nothing happened that night and the other night as well. 

He was leaving the place the next day with his family as they were going on a vacation to the Grand Canyon

He was sad that he had to leave Michael and Michael was also upset that he was leaving. 

Wade said that Jackson sobbed in front of him. So he decided to stay with him. 

His parents were okay with him leaving there with Michael. He lived in Neverland for a week with him. 

One night, Michael started touching his private parts, and he grabbed his hands and did the same thing with him. 

He performed oral s*x on him and taught him to do so and taught him to French kiss. 

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