Juanita Hardy

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Juanita Hardy

Juanita Hardy is the ex-wife of late Bahamian-American actor, film director, activist, and Ambassador Sidney Poitier.

She is the founder of Tiger Management Consulting group. She had done modeling also. 

She has five children with her ex-husband, Sidney. She is an American citizen.

Juanita Hardy's with ex-husband Sidney Poitier
Juanita Hardy's with ex-husband Sidney Poitier Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Sidney Poitier 

Sidney was previously married to Juanita. The couple tied the knot in 1950

They have five children, among which one died. He had four daughters with Sidney. They stayed together for 15 years. 

After that, they decided to their marriage. They ended their marriage in 1965 due to their personal issues. 

He then married Joanna Shimkus and had two daughters with her. They were together till his death.

Dating Life Of Sidney Poitier

Sidney was in a relationship with Diahann Carroll

He had an extramarital affair with Diahann while he was already married to his first wife. 

Sidney met Diahann in 1959 on the movie set and later started dating each other. They dated for nine years straight.

Daughters of Sidney Poitier
Daughters of Sidney Poitier Source: Instagram 

About Sidney Poitier

Sidney was a Bahamian-American actor, film director, activist, and ambassador born on February 20, 1927

He was born and raised in Miami, FloridaSidney pursued career as an actor. 

He was a well-known actor for his role in Shoot to Kill. He was a very talented actor who has played in many TV series and movies. 

Sidney was the first-ever actor to win the Academy Award for best actor. 

He received many more prestigious awards for his contribution to the entertainment industry. 

He died at the age of 94 due to heart failure.

Sidney Poitier, with his achievement
Sidney Poitier, with his achievement  Source: Instagram 


Sidney was 94 years old at the time of his death. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Sidney was $20 Million. He earned as being an actor, film director, and ambassador. 

Juanita Hardy's Ex-Husband Faked Mental Illness

Juanita's ex-husband, Sidney is a brilliant actor. He has worked in various movies and played multiple roles. 

He also played an army role in one film and did excellently. People didn't know that he was once enlisted in the army. 

He got in the army in 1943. He was there for a change, but he didn't like that profession. 

He couldn't get out of there quickly; hence he acted as he was mentally ill. He was then taken to give a shock in the head. 

That was when he confessed that he was acting. He was then let go from the army.

Sidney Poitier Was Rejected As An Actor

Sidney was a great actor. He has provided a lot of hit movies and has even won an Oscar

But it might come as a surprise that he was once rejected in an audition and told that he could be a dishwasher. 

He had a lousy ascent. He spoke like a local Bahamian. He then listened to the radio and learned to speak proper English

He later auditioned for the same director and proved him wrong as he was selected. 

The director was also pleased by his acting and effort. They eventually became friends afterward.

Poitier Worked To Gain Respect

Sidney had earned fame and name for himself by the early 1960s

As a black actor, it was a significant achievement that no other had ever achieved. He was the first black man to achieve Academy Award for the best actor.

He broke the racial stereotype of the country. He was a highly paid actor by the time. 

But he agreed to work on the Lilies of the Field project for less pay because it was the movie nominated for Oscar

He knew that above money comes respect. Hence he worked in the film for people and their love.

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