Who Is Jude Gordon Grammer? Son of Kelsey Grammer

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Who Is Jude Gordon Grammer? Son of Kelsey Grammer

Jude Gordon Grammer is the son of Kelsey Grammer, an American actor. Jude's mother is Camille Meyer. He has a sister named Mason Olivia Grammer.

His parents were married for 14 years before getting divorced in 2011.

Parents of Jude Gordon Grammer.
Parents of Jude Gordon Grammer. Source: People

Kelsey Is Returning To A Show Frasier

Kelsey is returning as Frasier Crane in a new TV series set in Boston, 20 years after the original show. 

Frasier moves to Boston to be closer to his son, Freddy, a firefighter. 

The series focuses on their relationship and features new characters like Freddy’s friend Eve, Niles and Daphne’s son David, an old friend named Alan, and a Harvard professor named Olivia. 

Frasier is financially well-off and lives in a stylish apartment. 

The new show explores how he’s changed and deals with losing his father, Martin. 

They pay tribute to the late actor John Mahoney, who played Martin. 

The show also references the iconic bar from Cheers, where Frasier was first introduced. 

The new series uses a live studio audience, and Kelsey is deeply involved in capturing Frasier’s character. 

The creators and director, James Burrows, emphasize the importance of laughter and a sense of family in the show. 

Kelsey Felt Privileged To Portray Good Role In A Movie

Kelsey talked about a film called Revolution, where he played a real-life character named Chuck Smith.

He felt privileged to portray someone who significantly impacts people’s lives.

Kesley believes it was a special moment that he got the script for the film, almost like destiny. 

He also shared that his path to becoming an actor was unexpected. 

Initially, he wanted to join the Navy but changed his mind after his grandfather passed away. 

He hinted at the possibility of a Frasier TV show reboot, saying that discussion started a few years ago. 

In this new version, his character, Frasier Crane, lives in Boston

Kelsey also mentioned some new actors in the cast, including Nicholas Lyndhurst and Jack Cutmore-Scott, along with three others from Britain

He expressed his love for Indian food and praised his wife as a great Indian chef. 

The interview ended with Grammar discussing his excitement for a film called Jesus Revolution and looking forward to the future. 


Jude was born in California, United States, on August 28, 2004. He is 19 years old as of 2023. His birth sign is Virgo

Net worth

As an American actor, Kelsey's net worth is about 80 Million Dollars. 

Jude Gordon Grammer's sister.
Jude Gordon Grammer's sister. Source: Instagram

Kelsey's Loving Wife Kayte Walsh

In 2009, Kelsey Grammer met Kayte Walsh, a British flight attendant. 

Their love story began during a chance encounter in London around Christmas

Despite Kelsey still being married to his previous wife, Camille, they couldn’t stop their connection, which led to their marriage in 2011

Kelsey has sons with Camille Meyer named Jude and Mason

The couple has since welcomed three children: Faith, Gabriel, and Auden. They initially anticipated twins but sadly lost one. 

In a heartfelt gesture, Kelsey got a tattoo of Kayte’s name, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to each other.  

Kayte even appeared alongside Kelsey on his TV series Boss, playing a senator’s aide named Gwendolyn Archer

Despite Kelsey’s fame and long career in Hollywood, the couple prefers a low-key private life. 

They keep their relationship and family out of the public eye, allowing them to savor their love and family life away from the constant spotlight and media attention.  

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