Who Is Judith Sizemore? Mother Of Tom Sizemore

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Judith Sizemore is the mother of an American actor Tom Sizemore. 

She was a member of the city of Detroit's Ombudsman Staff. She's married to Thomas Edward Sizemore Sr. and has four sons with him. 

She is an American by his nationality.

About Judith's Son Tom 

Tom is an actor well known for his role play as Mike Horvath in Saving Private Ryan

Besides that, he has played in many series and movies as a supporting actor. 

He was born to his parents in Detroit, Michigan in 1961. He has his birthday on November 29

He grew up with his three brothers. His full name is Thomas Edward Sizemore Jr. 

Married Life Of Tom

Tom is currently unmarried and single.

His first marriage was with Maeve Quinlan. They tied the knot back in 1996. 

Their marriage lasted only for three years and in 1999 they got divorced. 

He is the father of a pair of twins who were born through his relationship with Janelle Mcltire

His children were born in 2005. They only dated each other and their relationship didn't last long as they got parted in 2006. 

Tom Sizemore with his ex-wife, Maeve Quinlan.
Tom Sizemore with his ex-wife, Maeve Quinlan. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth

Tom is 61 years old. He has a net worth of $500,000. His source of income is acting.

Judith Sizemore's son and grandchildren.
Judith Sizemore's son and grandchildren. Source: Hollywoodlife

Tom Was Impacted By His Son

Tom has worked with many brilliant actors in his career and he has had one of the best careers in the movie industry providing many phenomenal roles. 

But he went all to nothing in acting because of his intoxication and substance abuse. 

He was all done as an actor and as a responsible man. He was at his lowest with what he went through. 

Tom revealed that he went to many doctors and started treatment for his problems. 

He was improving but nothing pushed him to become the man he was before all the unfortunate happened. 

But his son inspired him to become better and do the second act again. His son made him believe in himself and his capability. 

His son impacted his life in such a way that he was inspired to become the man he was again. That is why he came back into the movies again.

Tom Physically Harmed His Partner

Tom is a known actor for his appearance in many movies throughout his Hollywood career. 

Besides that, he is also known for his controversial feud. Tom has been arrested many times for assault charges, tax feud, and drug abuse. 

Back in 2003, he was charged with harassing a girl when she was a child and his ex-girlfriend named Heidi Fleiss accused him of physically harming her. 

She reported that Tom hit her on her head and face after they had a heated argument between them. 

Not only that, but she also claimed that he threatened her. After Heidi cased against him, Tom was immediately taken into custody and was kept in prison for six months.

Tom Assaulted A Child

Tom is known for his supporting role in the movie Born Killer. In 2017 an actress named Kiersten Pyke filed a case against Tom claiming that she was assaulted by Tom when she was 11 years old. 

Kiersten also played in Born Killer as a child actress and in that movie, she played the daughter character where as Tom played the character of her dad. 

She stated that Tom groped her. That incident really affected Kiersten and because of that she abused alcohol and drug.

She also told she talked about that incident with her parents and after her parents complained about Tom to movie production he was kicked off but they made him come back again. 

She has been deeply affected by the assault. On the other hand, Tom denied all the accusations and stated that he would never do such a thing to a kid.

Tom Has No Chance Of Surviving

On Feb 18, Tom was rushed to the hospital after he was found unconscious in his room. 

It was around 2 am when he was seen collapsing in his own house in LA. 

He was admitted to the hospital and the doctor opened up that the reason behind his collapse was a brain aneurysm. 

His condition was so bad that he was taken and kept in the ICU. He is currently in a coma. 

All the family of Tom was with him at the hospital and were hoping for Tom to recover soon. 

Sadly the doctors have stated that there is no chance of hope for Tom’s recovery so doctors have clearly told his family to take the end-of-life decision. 

His family was clear and aware of his condition so they also agreed with the doctor’s statement. 

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