Jules Kounde - Does He Have A Girlfriend? Parents

by Pragya Mon Jun 03 2024 Updated On Mon Jun 03 2024
Jules Kounde - Does He Have A Girlfriend? Parents

Jules Kounde is a professional footballer. 

He has been playing for the La Liga club Barcelona in the position of defender since 2022. 

He also plays for the France National Team

Jules was born on November 12 in the year 1998. He belongs to the French-Beninese nationality. 

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Is Jules married?

Jules is not married yet. Also, he doesn't have a girlfriend.

Jules Kounde playing in the match
Jules Kounde playing in the match. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Jules is 25 years old. He has a net worth of $2 Million. His source of income is football. 

Growing up without a dad 

Jules is the only child of his parents. His mom is French and his dad is Beninese

Jules's mom has always been very supportive of his career however his dad has never been part of his life. 

As his parents separated when he was young, his dad never played any important role in his life. 

Jules's mom raised him all her herself and it wasn’t easy for her. 

Jules also had to deal with anger issues when he was a kid and would always lash out at his mom. 

But as he started getting older he learned to manage his anger and himself

Jules carries a bag everywhere he goes? 

Jules talked about the things that he took with him on his US tour in an interview. 

He said that he always carries a bag everywhere he goes and showed everything that he had inside his bag. 

The very first thing was an iPad. 

Jules loves watching series and movies and for that, he always carries an iPad with him every time, and that iPad is very important for him. 

He also carries a camera in his bag so he can capture each and every moment for memory. 

Another thing was a book. Jules opened up that he enjoys reading so he carries a book that interests him. 

Also, he had a pair of sunglasses with him as he loves wearing them, and a do-rag to look good all the time.

Jules prefers being center back

Jules started playing for Barcelona in 2022

After he joined the team he played his first match with Barcelona in La Liga as a right back. 

His team won the match and after the match, he said that he was very happy with the gameplay at an interview. 

As a defender, his main focus was on not letting his opponent team score the goal and the defenders of his team including him did well as they didn’t let their opponents score. 

But he also said that he was not very comfortable playing as right back. 

He loves being in the center back, which is way more comfortable in the position. 

However, he was all satisfied and happy with his first debut. 

Also as a defender, he thinks that having a clean sheet is important to win the match.

Jules wore heels?

Jules returned to his country France for pre-Euro 2024 training. 

He is going to represent his country in the upcoming Euro 2024 and was seen at the France training camp on May 29

However, his fashion style attracted the quick attention of all his fans. 

The young player was seen wearing heels which made some of his fans unhappy. 

His new fashion divided people into two groups as some found his fashion sense great and iconic whereas some of his fans criticized him for wearing heels. 

His supportive fans considered him a fashion icon, but there were a few people who weren’t happy to see his new look and made fun of him saying that he couldn’t be the defender. 

Jules Kounde in his fashionable get-up
Jules Kounde in his fashionable get-up. Source: Instagram
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