Julia Frys

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Julia Frys

Julia Frys is country-pop singer and part of the group Heartlyn Rae and famous for their song “Poor Folks.”

Until 2011, Frys and Driscoll pursued solo careers, joined the same girl group, and began their duo career as an entertainer soon after leaving the group. They moved from Arizona to Tennessee to pursue their dream. 

Meet the member of Haertlyn, Rae Julia Frys 

Julia Frys was born on November 16th, 1994, in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and later moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with Alexis Driscoll.

Julia prefers coffee over tea and likes sweet foods over savory. She enjoys reading books and watching movies. We have seen her play guitar and piano countless times in Heartlyn Rae’s cover videos, which she nails every time.

Julia Frys and group partner Alexis Driscoll
Julia Frys and group partner Alexis Driscoll   ( Source: Instagram )

While her group partner, Alexis Driscoll was born on March 31st, 1994, in Phoenix, Arizona. Julia later moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and met Driscoll there. 

Alexis is a dynamic person; she likes dogs and cats and prefers watching movies to reading books.

Together before Musically Transitioned to TikTok

It is easy to speculate the girls met in Elementary School and became best friends. It is reported that Frys had a crush on Driscoll’s brother a long time ago. 

They also did community theater together, performed with amazing artists, and their bond grew even stronger.

Alexis Driscoll and Julia Frys in 2011 and 2020
Alexis Driscoll and Julia Frys in 2011 and 2020. (Source: Twitter)

The couplet collected themselves together and decided to move from Arizona to Tennessee. This shows their determination and perseverance to grow in the entertainment industry. 

They uploaded a picture giving thanks to their first 500 followers. In November 2017, Musically merged into TikTok as ByteDance Ltd acquired Musically Inc; this introduced TikTok to a bigger, worldwide community. 

Considering that the app changed and got more popularity, many content creators like Heartlyn Rae amassed followers. Currently, the girls are verified at 5 million followers.

Dating and Boyfriend

Julia Frys have not talked about her boyfriend in any of their videos. She has uploaded a video, which could be a hint towards her dating life. 

The video begins with her friend Alexis randomly calling a man on the sideway and saying, 

“My friend here is single, and I think you should date her.” 

They exchanged numbers and asked the guy’s name three times so they could stalk him, but it turns out he’s got a girlfriend and was around town on his vacation.

Julia added, 

“This is why I want to be single.”

Net Worth and Earnings

The duo's individual net worth is estimated to be in the range of $500,00 - $1 million. Their primary income source from social media, various partnerships with brands, and their merch.

 At the same time, individual Net Worth is under review. The duo’s estimated earnings are given below 

SourceEstimated Earnings
TikTok$3,241 - $5,401 Per Post 

Age and Height

  1. Julia is 26 years of age as of January 2021.
  2. Frys and Driscoll have been friends since Grade one.
  3. Their account name “Heartlyn Rae” is made up of their middle names.
  4. Frys was born under the sun sign, Scorpio and Driscoll under Aries.

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