Julia-Rose Folds – Meet Daughter Of Ben Folds

by Pragya Thu Mar 28 2024 Updated On Thu Mar 28 2024
Julia-Rose Folds – Meet Daughter Of Ben Folds

Julia-Rose Folds is the daughter of American singer and songwriter Ben Folds. Ben is well known for being the front man and pianist of rock trio Ben Folds Five

He was born to his mother, Scotty, and father, Dean Folds, in the year 1966. He is an American citizen by nationality.

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Julia-Rose Folds father Ben Folds with his dog
Julia-Rose Folds father Ben Folds with his dog. Source: Instagram

Married life of Ben 

Ben is currently unmarried as he recently got divorced from his now ex-wife, Emma Sandall. They were married from 2017 to 2024

He has been married four times prior to his marriage with Emma

Ben’s first marriage was with Anna Goodman. He and Anna met when they were in their elementary school days. They were in 1st grade at that time. 

He married Anna in 1987, but sadly, their marriage didn’t last long, as the couple ended up getting divorced in 1992

He then got hitched to Kate Rosen in 1996, and their marriage was very short-lived. 

In 1998, he met Frally Hynes, who he ended up making his third wife. 

They two tied the knot just a year after knowing each other and shared a set of twins named Gracie and Louis

They were married for nearly seven years and later got divorced. 

In 2007, he got married for the fourth time to a woman, Fleur Stanbrook, and by the year 2011, they ended their marriage. 

Age and Net Worth

Her father, Ben, is 57 years old. He has a net worth of $5 Million. He earned this fortune through his successful music career. 

Being friends with an ex? 

Anna and Ben have always been very close to each other. 

They were only six when they became friends, and Ben always credits Anna for inspiring him in music. 

They have been together for a long time, but getting married to each other was not a wise decision for both of them. 

Ben opened up that he and Anna got married just because they needed to do something with their lives. 

They didn’t know what to do and thought marrying would solve the problem. 

They were great together with their work, and Anna even collaborated with him on many songs, although they had a hard time balancing their married life, so they parted ways. 

Despite their divorce, Ben said that Anna and him are close to each other. 

Ben pissed off Geoff Harvey? 

Back in 1997, Ben went to Australia for a Midday show performance with his band. 

He and his team did an incredible music performance on the show, but at the end of the show, Ben threw a piano stool over the piano, which seemed like he was really angry. 

His action caused problems between him and musical director Geoff Harvey as it was his piano. 

Geoff got really pissed when Ben threw a stool over his piano. 

However, Ben later confronted that he didn’t know that it was Geoff’s piano and also what he did was just a show business. 

He also admitted that he should have talked with Geoff before doing that. 

Ben later talked to Geoff and cleared out that what he did was just a show business, which solved the feud between him and Geoff.

Childhood dream inspired him to write a book 

Ben wrote a memoir A Dream About Lighting Bugs which is all about his beginning life and his career as musician. 

He talked about the book in an interview and said that the title was inspired by his childhood dream. 

When Ben was about three years old, he saw a dream where he was sitting with his friends in the backyard. 

There, he saw a glowing bug, and then he would later point it out and show it to other kids, too. 

He was the only person to see the light in his dream, and he would bottle up those bugs and give them to other kids. 

So, the whole idea of his dream matched with the artist's career as an artist could see the glow in something and then bottle it up so that others could see it, too. 

The worst thing Ben did to his piano

Ben started playing piano when he was very young. 

In his past days, he had a baby grand piano, and as he couldn’t afford a piano tuner, he would use a tuning hammer for it. 

He used to get the piano tuner once a month, and by the time he got that, his piano base strings were already broken. 

He enjoyed breaking base strings because when he plays the piano with broken base strings it shoots out to the room through the lid. 

But that’s not the worst thing that he did with his piano, as the worst thing was spilling a drink on his piano. 

He spilled the drink on the pin block of his piano and had to call the piano tech. 

The person suggested he turn the piano upside down and dry it until he got there. 

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