Who Is Julian Araujo Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Julian Araujo Girlfriend? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Julian Araujo is a professional footballer. He currently plays for the football club LA Galaxy in a right-back position

He was born to his parents, Jorge Araujo and Lupe Araujo, in California. He was raised with his siblings, a brother, and a sister, by his parents.

He is an American - Mexican citizen

Julian Araujo with his father.
Julian Araujo with his father. Source: Instagram

Who Is Julian Dating?

Julia is currently single, and he doesn't have a girlfriend. 

Julian Araujo's mom.
Julian Araujo's mom. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Julian is 21 years old. Julian's net worth is $1.5 Million

Family of Julian Araujo.
Family of Julian Araujo. Source: Instagram

Julian Wants To Give Back To The Community

Julian was raised and brought up in Lompoc. His parents were also in the same city since their childhood. 

He has always got a lot from his community. He was always motivated and pushed by his community. 

People around his hometown were supportive and always said that he would reach the height of success that he now has. 

As he has grown up in the Lompoc community, he knows that the city has really great talents. 

Hence, he wants to give back to the community. He wants to bring out the talents of his town forward and give them opportunities.

Julian Araujo during the match.
Julian Araujo during the match. Source: Instagram

Julian Was Taught To Fight Back 

Julian is often seen getting strong in the match, which is one of his plus points, as no one can dominate him physically in the match. 

But it is not something he trained for and thought of being. It has been his self-built character since his childhood. 

He used to play with big boys who were friends of his brother. 

They used to play physically, and he also became like them eventually. 

As he was always trying to play physically, the boys didn’t treat him like a small kid who made him stronger. 

Moreover, his father always taught him to fight back for himself because no one would fight for others. 

Hence, he came out stronger physically as a football player. 

Julian Wants To Switch Off His Body

Julian gave an interview during his off-season where he talked about his routine. 

He revealed that the off-season was his favorite time as he gets time for himself and to relax. 

Although he had some training in the off-season with his national team, he said that trip was a vacation to freshen up his mind. 

He expressed that players become tired and mentally weak after the season finishes. 

So a proper rest after the season was a relief. He said that during off-seasons, he switches himself off with all the training and thinking. 

He physically and mentally lets himself go and relaxes and tries to chill to be at peace.

Julian Has A Tattoo Of His Best Friend

Julian has a tattoo of his best friend, who sadly passed away. He tattooed his face, birth date, and death day as well. 

His best friend was a great part of his life as he learned so much from him. 

He described his best friend as someone who believes in giving to others and keeping others forward. 

Julian said his best friend didn’t care if he was sleeping on the ground but believed in helping the needy. 

He always inspired Julian and is doing the same for his community. 

Julian’s best friend was also an athlete and wore a jersey of number 2. Hence Julian also changed his number to 2 in memory of his best friend.

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