Julian Broadus – Meet Son Of Snoop Dogg

by Manisha Mon Jul 24 2023 Updated On Mon Mar 18 2024
Julian Broadus – Meet Son Of Snoop Dogg

Julian Broadus is the son of actor and rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, who is popularly known as Snoop Dogg. 

He was born in June 1998. His mother is Laurie Holmond. Snoop had an extramarital affair with his mother, Laurie

He was raised by his mother alone, and he didn’t know that Snoop was his biological father until he was nine years old. 

He wants to be a musician. He has three half-siblings. He is not married. 

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Julian Broadus with his mother Laurie Holmond
Julian Broadus with his mother Laurie Holmond. Source: Instagram

Snoop's wife is his first priority.

Snoop has been married to Shante Monigue since 1997. Snoop and his wife have known each other since their high school days. 

They were high school sweethearts. His wife is the founder of the recording studio Management Company. 

They are parents to their three kids. In an interview, he said his wife has been with him throughout his journey. 

He said he did not know what to do with his life, and his wife helped him to discover himself, and she made him a man. 

He said his music and kids come only after his wife.


Julian Broadus is 25 years old. His ethnicity is Black. His nationality is American. 

Net worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $160 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a rapper and actor.

Snoop talked about his gospel album 'Bible Of Love'

Snoop was brought up in church. He said he was surrounded by positivity and love. 

He added in this world of negativity, he wanted to create something filled with positivity, love, and peace through his album. 

He shared that when he was a kid, he used to sing in a church choir. He said he learned to sing and act in church and also learned about god.

Who is that person who can out-smoke Snoop Dog?

Snoop Dog loves to smoke weed. He said he would love to take Bob Marley to Mountain Rushmore to smoke weed. 

In an interview, Snoop revealed that Willie Nelson is the only person who has out-smoked him. 

He said he had to hit a time-out button when he smoked with him, and before that, he had never hit the button.

Snoop talked about his friendship with Martha Stewart

Snoop is a good friend of Martha Stewart. They have been friends since 2008. He said he met her in her show and they sat next to each other. 

He shared that she had a smoke in her hand, and from that, they connected and started talking and became friends. 

He talks to her once a week. They worked together in a show called Martha and Snoop's potluck dinner party

He said that he would stay in her house as she has got a huge house. He said her horse house is bigger than his actual house.

Snoop thanked himself on his Walk of Fame speech

Snoop got his star on the Walk Of Fame in 2008. He didn’t prepare anything for his speech. 

He said he thanked the person who are important in his life through his speech and more importantly he thanked himself. 

He said he wanted to speak for himself as he was the one who worked really hard to be in the position he is today. 

He said a lot of times, people do not give credit to themselves, so he decided to give credit to himself for achieving bigger things in life. 

He shared he has never thanked himself before so he took that opportunity to thank himself and also everyone else. 

He shared he was high when he was giving his speech. 

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