Who Is Julian Pike? Father Of Rosamund Pike

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Julian Pike is the father of actress Rosamund Pike. He is married to Caroline Friend

His wife is an opera singer, and he is a professor of music and head of operatic studies at the Birmingham Conservatoire

Julian Pike's wife and daughter.
Julian Pike's wife and daughter. Source: Pinterest

Is Rosamund Married?

Rosamund is not married but is in a relationship with businessman Robie Uniacke. 

They have been together since 2009. They are the parents of two kids. However, Rosamund almost got married to her ex-partner, Joe Wright. 

Pike fell in love with the director Joe Wright while she was filming Pride and Prejudice. 

They were so serious about their relationship that they decided to get married, but things didn’t go as planned, and they called off their wedding.

Julian Pike's daughter, Rosamund Pike.
Julian Pike's daughter, Rosamund Pike. Source: Instagram


Julian was born in 1958, and his current age is 66.

Net Worth

His daughter Rosamund's net worth is estimated to be $6 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress

Rosamund Went On A Blind Date With A Fan

Rosamund did a play called Madame de Sade with Dame Judi Dench. She received a letter from a fan while working on that play. 

She shared that she got a letter after she did an interview. 

In that letter, that man said he was the one for her and whoever she was with then. That man was not meant for her. 

She shared it with her co-star Dame Judi and suggested she go on dinner with that man. 

Pike was like she knew nothing about the man and why she should date a random man. 

Dame said that they should search for him on the Internet. They looked for him on the Internet and found that he designed kitchens. 

She went on a date with her fan as Dame convinced her to go. She said she had a lovely dinner. 

She found out that he was not a kitchen guy. They found the wrong guy on the Internet. 

She told him that she searched for him online, and he said that she must have found the body that was washed up at his home by the beach. 

Pike Paid The Fee For Her Theater School By Playing Cello

Pike collected money by playing cello on the streets of London so that she could pay for Theater School

Pike said she has been playing cello since she was four. Though she never played it professionally, she was good at it. 

Pike was passionate about acting and wanted to join the National Youth Theatre but hadn't enough money for the course. 

So she took her cello to Trafalgar Square in London and played on the streets, hoping people would throw coins in. 

Pike Was Not A Fan Of Fantasy Until She Did The Series 'The Wheel Of Time'

Rosamund starred in the fantasy television series based on the novel called The Wheel Of Time in 2021

She played the role of Moiraine Damodred. There are 14 books in total, and the series is vast. 

In an interview, she admitted that she was never a fan but now loves fantasy. 

She said she never read books about creatures and beasts as she loved studying about people. 

But after she signed up for the show, she enjoyed reading about mythological beasts and creatures. 

She said she even called some of them her friends. She shared that her kids asked her if she was killing the beasts with fireballs. 

She wanted her kids to believe that it was real and that she was killing those monsters in real.

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