Who Is Juliana Serbeto? Ex-Wife Of Daniel Boaventura

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Who Is Juliana Serbeto? Ex-Wife Of Daniel Boaventura

Juliana Serbeto is the ex-wife of Brazilian singer and actor Daniel Boaventura. They tied the knot in 1998.

But they ended their marriage in 2011 after being married for more than a decade due to personal differences.

The couple shares two kids, Isabela and Joana. Isabela was born in 2009, and Joana was born in 2003.

Juliana Serbeto with her ex-husband and their children.
Juliana Serbeto with her ex-husband and their children. Source: Facebook

Is Daniel Dating Anyone?

After separating from his first wife, he married Maria Letto, an actress, in 2013. But after six years of marriage, they got divorced.

They have no children together.

Then after Daniel began dating Roberta Vohs, an actress, voice actor, and singer.

They share several photos of them on their social media sites. They haven't talked anything about their wedding to date.

Daniel Boaventura with his girlfriend.
Daniel Boaventura with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram


Her ex-husband Daniel is 52 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Daniel's net worth is $1-5 million.

Daniel Has Sang Russian Songs Too

Daniel has sung the song 'Russian Philharmonic' from the 1963 movie From Russia with Love.

He sang that song in Russian. He was invited to sing that song. He was excited to perform that song. So he prepared the music for three weeks.

He revealed that he didn’t find a Russian tutor who could teach him personally as he was in Mexico, so he learned Russian through Skype from his Russian tutor.

He said he had a lot of trouble understanding the language, so he had to keep a translator with him. He added he had a wonderful time there.

He said he had no problem delivering that song as it was an opportunity to perform such a beautiful song in Russia.

Daniel's DVD Was Played In Department Stores

Daniel revealed why he started working with the record company in Mexico.

Being a Brazilian singer, he is loved mainly by Mexican people. One of the directors of the record company in Mexico asked for his DVD.

They put his DVD on all the big departmental stores on Big LED TVs. The Mexican people started recognizing him as he passed by, and they loved his record.

The strategy of the recording company worked. They sold around 10 thousand copies of his DVD in 30 days. 

Daniel Talked About How He Got Interested In Music

Daniel shared that his parents love listening to classical music.

When he was small, his parents used to leave the record player playing the whole day.

While growing up, he listened to many classical singers. Then he studied music and started to participate in many events in college.

He formed a band and performed with them.

He was just 16 years old when he was playing around with his band participating in many festivals and intercollege competitions.

Later he got into the art business.

Mexican People Love Daniel

Daniel said that Mexico has been an essential part of his career. He revealed that he never imagined that his career would take off from Mexico.

He mentioned that he recorded his first International album in Mexico. After that, he gained more recognition in the international market.

Most of his listeners are Mexican. He revealed that on Spotify, 70 percent of his listeners are from Mexico

Lesser Known Facts About Daniel

Daniel's full name is Daniel do Rego Boaventura. His parents were teachers. He grew up listening to classical and Brazilian music.

He formed two music bands when he was in school. He participated in a musical contest with his bands.

His singing was noticed by Fernando Guerreiro in 1991. He invited him to perform in the musical Zas Tres.

He performed there and won Caymmi Trophy in the covers category.

His musical journey started professionally after that. He has played a lead role in many musicals.

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