Who Is Julie Peters? Mother Of Evan Peters

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Who Is Julie Peters? Mother Of Evan Peters

Julie Peters is the mother of Evan Peters, an American actor. Her husband is Phillip Peters.

He has done some hit shows like Jeffrey Dahmer and American Horror Story.

Julie Peters with her son and husband.
Julie Peters with her son and husband. Source: Pinterest

Evan's Family And Relationship 

Evan was born to Julie and Phillip Peters. His father was a vice president of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

His parents are of German ancestry. Evan dated actress Emma Roberts in 2012

They met while filming a movie called Adult World. They had a loud argument in a hotel room in Canada, and the police were called. 

Both of them were hitting each other. Only Emma was arrested because she didn’t have any injuries. 

But Evan didn’t press a charge, and they got released, saying it was a misunderstanding and that they were trying to move. 

Evan's While Playing Jeffrey Dahmer 

Evan is known for dark roles on shows. He recently made a Netflix series named “Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” 

In the series, Evan plays Jeffrey Dahmer, a real-life serial killer who committed horrible crimes. 

Even though Evan was unsure about taking on another dark role, he was drawn to the tragic and compelling story of the series. 

The show was filmed in Los Angeles from March to September 2021

Dahmer had killed 17 people; some of his victims were dismembered, and he even ate some of them. 

The series sheds light on the disturbing events, including how Dahmer’s actions went unnoticed for a while in his neighborhood. 

In the show, Evan wants to highlight how the system failed in dealing with Jeffrey Dahmer’s crimes. 

Evan believes the show can change how people see things. Even though it’s a horror show, it focuses more on emotions and acting than violence. 

Instead of showing everything quickly, the show uses slower scenes and hidden meanings to create tension. 

Evan worked hard to prepare for the role, studying many materials about Dahmer.

Evan had to show Dahmer aging from 17 to 34 and getting worse due to alcoholism. 

He created a recording to help with his character’s voice and behavior. 

He also dressed like Dahmer and even carried weights to move like him. 

He spent six months on the role and then took a break by watching comedies and visiting friends and family. This role hit his mental health. 

Age And Net Worth

Julie's son Evan is 36 years old. Evan's net worth is about 4 Million Dollars.

Julie Peters with her son, Evan Peters.
Julie Peters with her son, Evan Peters. Source: People

Evan Said The Dahmer Show Has A Message And Is Not Just About Crimes

Evan talked about his journey from his hometown of St. Louis to Hollywood when he was 15 to become an actor. 

He is thankful for his parents' support. 

But he also faced challenges like dealing with the stress of living in Los Angeles and traveling for auditions. 

He started with minor roles like playing a photographer. A local agency also played a role in helping him start his acting career. 

He talked about being on American Horror Story, where he played different characters each season. 

It let him try new things and challenge himself as an actor. 

He believes in trusting your instincts and letting your subconscious guide you. 

He talked about his obsession with doing things perfectly. 

Evan talked about playing Jeffrey Dahmer. He said the show’s message is about more than just the crimes Dahmer committed. 

It is also how the system failed to stop him. Evan, though he avoided dark roles before, was drawn to this one because of its important story. 

He worked with a coach to sound like Dahmer, watched interviews, and read articles about him. 

He talked about working with Kate Winslet on Mare of Easttown

He said he didn't always stay in his character’s mindset, but he tried to keep a bit of distance from Kate to help him act better. Now, they are friends. 

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