Who Is Julie Rae Engelsman? Late Ex-Wife Of Greg Nicotero

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Who Is Julie Rae Engelsman? Late Ex-Wife Of Greg Nicotero

Julie Rae Engelsman is the ex-wife of special makeup effects creator, producer, and director Greg Nicotero, who founded KNB EFX Group with his partner Howard Berger

They got married in 1994, but later, they parted ways in the same year of marriage.

She worked as a costume designer. She is no more as she passed away on 25 July 2016.

Julie Rae Engelsman's ex-husband Greg Nicotero.
Julie Rae Engelsman's ex-husband Greg Nicotero. Source: Pinterest

Ex-Husband's Married Life

Greg is happily married to Shari Nicotero. They share two kids. 

Greg Nicotero with his wife.
Greg Nicotero with his wife. Source: Pinterest


Her ex-husband Greg is 60 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband Greg's net worth is estimated to be $8 million

Greg Showed How The Prosthetics Are Made Off-Camera

Greg is one of the best special makeup effects creators in the business. 

He is a special effects supervisor for the TV series Waling Deas and an executive producer of the show. 

In his studio in the KNB EFX group, he gave some insight into the making of The Walking Dead

He shared the most important thing about The Walking Dead is their teeth. 

He said he customized dentures for every character and then put them in the actor's mouth. 

After that, the prosthetics are sculpted over the top of it up to the cheekbones, and then they do eyebrows and make their nose smaller. 

In the end, they get a decaying feature, which is the signature look of The Walking Dead

They do the majority of the conceptual work in the sculpting room. 

He said zombie's main feature is their teeth, so the more they highlight it, the more threatening they look. 

After that they make molds in the mold room once the sculpture is completed from clay. 

They prepare gel from foam latex and silicon, oven it, and cure it overnight. After that, they do all kinds of work in the main workshop. 

They stick the prosthetic to the actor's face and paint over it, add some blood, make their hair greasy using conditioners, and put on contact lenses, and the actors are ready to go. 

Greg Talked About Making Zombies For The Walking Dead

In an interview, Greg said that in the five seasons of the show, they made 200 different sculptures as the show doesn’t have the same zombies, and they need to prepare different ones for every season. 

He shared in one of the seasons, some zombies didn’t have arms and legs, so they used a cable to operate the movement of zombies. 

The cable can also operate the movement of the mouth. He said they create dozens of cable-operated zombies every season. 

He said they light these zombies on fire in the show, blow up their heads, or run them over a car. 

He shared that they destroy many puppet zombies, take the destroyed ones to the studio, remove the skins, make new skins from them, and redress the understructure. 

He said everyone in the studio is responsible for designing, building, painting, and operating puppets. 

Nicotero Talked About Making Zombie Even Scarier Every Season

Greg said that they have been making zombies for many years. The zombies are more disturbing to watch episode after episode. 

He revealed that in each season, they change the makeup slightly, and their bodies are more decomposed than in the previous season. 

He said in season five of the show, more skin was gone from the face, some had no nose, and more bones were exposed. 

He shared with the help of the show's makers and writing staff, they found a new way to kill The Walking Dead and portray them differently than before, and he said it is the most important thing to do. 

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