Who Is Julie Rose Clapton? Daughter Of Eric Clapton

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Who Is Julie Rose Clapton? Daughter Of Eric Clapton

Julie Rose Clapton is famous as a celebrity child. She is the daughter of an English rock and blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Eric Clapton

Her mother, Melia McEnery, is a socialite and philanthropist.

How Did Her Parents Meet?

Before her father's marriage to her mother, her father married Pattie Boyd from 1979 to 1989

Her parents first met at a party in the year 1998.  

At the time, her mother, Melia McEnery, was working as an administrative assistant to Giorgio Armani. While at the party, she asked for Clapton's autograph for her uncle. 

They hit it off immediately, and Clapton started asking her out and eventually started dating. 

Despite their 32-year age gap, they married in Clapton's hometown, Ripley, on New Year's Day of 2002

During an interview with the Telegraph, Clapton said Melia was the only woman he had had an equal relationship with and gushed about her, saying that the moment he saw her, it was clear that she was capable of being an adequate partner for anybody, even though she was half of his age. 

Her strength and how she occupied her space with absolute authority captivated him.

Parents of Julie Rose Clapton.
Parents of Julie Rose Clapton. Source: Facebook

Julia's Dad Eric’s Life Was Disaster

Eric Clapton is a legendary musician who has earned huge fame and respect in his career. 

His life and career were full of tragedy, and he had worked hard to be where he is now. 

Eric had to learn a harsh truth when he was very small. The people whom he thought his parents were actually turned out to be his grandparents, and the person that he grew up calling sister turned out to be his mother. 

His mom gave birth to him when she was 16, and because of that, she gave up Eric to her parents. 

She got pregnant by a Canadian service man Edward Fryer who got poisoned in England during World War ll.

His dad died in 1985, and Eric never got a chance to meet or see his dad. 

When Eric learned about the bitter truth at such a small age, he was devastated. 

When he reached the age of 13, he was inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis's performance on TV. 

He showed his interest in music and asked for a guitar for his birthday. 

Eric slowly developed a passion for music, and it kind of helped her escape from his chaotic life. 

He got so obsessed with music that he lost focus on his school. He got kicked out of art school as he failed to do his school works. 

He started helping his family financially and started doing night gigs. 

The first ever band that he joined was named The Rooster sadly, the band didn’t last long. 

He then joined Yard Birds but didn’t stick there long too. Later in 1966, he joined the famous band Cream, which helped him earn fame at the young age of 21.

Despite of fame and success, he fell into an addiction that gave him a very hard time. 


Julie was born on June 13, 2001, in Columbus, Ohio, United States. She is currently 21 years old.

Net Worth 

Her net worth is currently under review. As of now, we have her father's net worth, and his net worth is $450 million.

The Tragic Death Of Her Half-Brother

Her half-brother Conor was born in 1986 to her father from his relationship with Italian actress Lory Del Santo while he was still married to his first wife. 

When Conor was four and a half years old, he accidentally fell out of an open window on the 53rd floor of a Manhattan apartment building and tragically died. 

Julie Rose Clapton's father, and her late brother, Conor.
Julie Rose Clapton's father and her late brother, Conor. Source: Instagram

During an interview, her father, Clapton, said his beloved son was the main reason he pushed himself to treatment. 

According to him, he was still drinking when Conor was born, and though he was little, he could see what he was doing. He was tired of that, so he quit for good. 

He was in the hotel room when Conor's mother called him to inform the death of their son. 

He said she was barely making sense but said he was dead. 

He recalled putting down the phone and calmly walking down the hotel to that place as if nothing had happened. 

As he walked past the streets, he saw the crowd and the paramedic's van but still did not run to see his dead son, for which he will punish himself his whole life for not running to him to see him. 

The truth is he couldn't because he was too frightened, he said.

How Many Siblings Does She Have?

Julie Rose is the eldest of her parent's three children. 

She has two younger sisters, Ella May, and Sophie Belle, born in 2003 and 2005

Besides that, she has two paternal half-siblings, Ruth Kelly Clapton and the late Conor Clapton. 

Ruth was born in 1985 but was hidden away from the public until 1991 after the media released her identity. 

She was born to her father, Clapton, and her mother, Yvonne Kelly, married to their respective partners.  

About Her Father

Her father was 15 when he bought a guitar and started learning it. Initially, he had no idea. 

It was for his pure love for listening to music that he started to play because the music he loved listening to was being played on guitar.

When he was finding his feet on the blues guitar, he was constantly inspired and encouraged by John Mayer and fed and nurtured. 

He credited him for making him value himself. He fell in love with his closest friend, his bandmate George Harrison's wife model Pattie Boyd

He pursued Boyd many times while she was still married to Harrison. 

Harrison and Boyd's marriage life had already started falling apart with the Beatles' rise, and things eventually started getting out of control. 

They divorced in 1977. Two years later, Clapton and Boyd got married. However, his constant infidelities and heroin addiction resulted in divorce in 1989.

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