Who Is Julie Thompson? Mother Of Klay Thompson

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Who Is Julie Thompson? Mother Of Klay Thompson

Julie Thompson is the mom of American professional basketball player Klay Thompson. Julie, herself used to be a volleyball star during her college days. 

She is a Bahamian- American citizen by her nationality. 

Julie Thompson's son Klay Thompson.
Julie Thompson's son Klay Thompson. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Julie

Julie is married to Mychal Thompson, a sports commentator, and a former basketball player

They met at the gym. They tied the knot in 1987.  She shares three sons named Trayce, Mychal, and Klay with her husband. 

Julie Thompson with her husband and son.
Julie Thompson with her husband and son. Source: Pinterest

About Her Son Klay

Klay is a professional basketball player. He currently plays for the team Golden State Warriors of the NBA

He is well known for his shooting skills and is considered one of the greatest three-point shooters in the history of the NBA. 

He was born to his parents in 1990 and has his birthday on 8 Feb. He grew up with his two brothers. 

Is Klay Married?

Klay is not married yet, so he doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend. He is currently single. 

However, he had been in relationships previously. 

His first known relationship was with Hannah Stocking. They dated in 2014 for a very short time. 

Hannah ended her relationship with Klay after she found him cheating with another woman. 

He was then linked with Cherise Sandra in 2016. Sandra posted a picture of her at Klay's home, tagging him and captioning “You and Me Baby,” which made people think they were having an affair. 

However, Klay later clarified that she was his friend, and they never dated. 

He then dated Carleen Henry for a short time. Their relationship was not public until Carleen posted photos of their DMs online. 

Klay’s longest relationship was with Laura Harrier. They started dating in 2018 and dated for two years straight. 

While dating, they often spent their holidays together and had a great time, but in 2020 they broke up.

Age And Net Worth 

Julie's son Klay is 33 years old. He has a net worth of $70 Million

Family of Julie Thompson.
Family of Julie Thompson. Source: Instagram

Klay Got Arrested 

In an interview, Klay talked about one of the funniest memories of his college days. He revealed that he got caught by police with drugs. 

What happened was he came to his house thinking that he would have a great fun night, and while leaving his house, he had a bag of marijuana with him. 

He got inside his car with marijuana and was in his driveway. 

He thought of having a good night, but suddenly the cops came there and noticed his broken tail light, so they asked him what happened, and they got suspicious because they smelled marijuana. 

So the cops asked him to leave the car and then shackled him. 

He was sad and disappointed because he did nothing except carry weeds. He got handcuffed by the cops.

Klay Is Not Serious About The Fight

Klay has been one of the best players in the NBA. 

He has been playing for Golden State Warriors, and throughout his career, he hasn’t been ejected until the 2022 game with Phoenix Suns

Klay fought with Phoenix Suns player Devin Brook which caused both players to leave the game. 

They were seen verbally fighting in the game and looked very serious. 

But after the game ended, Klay realized that whatever happened between him and Devin didn’t change his respect for Devin

They are players, and it’s pretty normal to go through such things in the game, and he prefers to leave those things behind. 

He has always loved and respected Devin, and that fight won’t change anything between him and Devin.

Devin also stated the same thing about Klay.

Klay Wants To Tell His Children About K.D

Klay is a great basketball player; not only him, but his dad Mychal Thompson was also one of the best NBA players in his days. 

When Klay was young, his dad used to tell him about Magic, Kareem, and James Worthy

Every day his dad thought of getting in practice early in the morning, but he always saw Kareem there at first, covered in sweats and practicing, and now the same thing happened with Klay as well. 

No matter how early Klay tries to get there for practices, he will always see Kevin Durant practicing mid-range pull-ups, spins, and all of his moves before him. 

Seeing K.D. working so hard proves how much basketball means to him. 

So he wants to share that story with his kids just like his dad told him.

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