Who Is Julie Velez? Wife Of Ricky Velez

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Who Is Julie Velez? Wife Of Ricky Velez

Julie Velez is known to the public as the wife of actor and comedian Ricky Velez. She is a fashion stylist by profession. 

She has got a degree in communications and media studies.

Married Life

Julie is happily married to Ricky. They tied the knot in 2019 in Miami and have been together to date. The two share a child. 

In an interview, Ricky said his wife is very supportive, respects all hos jokes, gives some stuff for his jokes, and doesn’t mind being the target of his jokes. 

Julie Velez with her husband, Ricky Velez.
Julie Velez with her husband, Ricky Velez. Source: Pinterest


Her husband, Ricky, is 33 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Ricky's net worth is estimated to be $1 million

Ricky Talked About His Friendship With Pete Davidson

Ricky revealed that he was 21 when he met Pete for the first time. Pete was just a 16-year-old kid at that time. 

He shared that Pete asked him to get him a beer. Pete and Ricky became friends quickly, and they started living together. 

Their parents didn't like it at that time. They lived together for eight months.

Ricky Opened Up About His Nude Photoshoot

Ricky did a photo shoot for his comedy special with HBO Max. Mark Seliger, who is a celebrity photographer, was called to take the photo for the poster. 

He was well aware that Mark had worked with Obama and Kim Kardashian

He started looking at his work and found that he had shot Kim Kardashian nude. It was his time to hit naked. 

He did the nude photoshoot in front of HBO executives. He revealed that he did a full workout before shooting. 

He said it was weird coming out nude in front of people. He added he had to cover him most of the time, and Mark had to ask him to move his hand.

Ricky Talked About His Old Days

In a podcast, Ricky revealed that he used to carry a camera as people used to go off from the stage. 

He knew that people love to be on TV and were ready to do anything to be on TV. 

He learned that people talked terribly about each other just being on television. 

He revealed that the producers used to do wrong and wild things for the show. 

Ricky Talked About How He Got Into Comedy

Ricky started doing standup comedy when he was nineteen. He used to work at a club. 

He said after working there, he got more shows to do. He knew that he was funny right from the beginning. 

Cracking jokes and making fun of things was his favorite thing to do. He added he had gone to theatre school, and he knew about improvisation. 

He said he used to do prom shows with kids. He loved being on stage and cracking jokes. 

So when he reached 21, he was confident that he would continue what he loves to do, which is comedy.

Ricky Wants To Produce And Direct

Ricky loves doing standup comedy. He said that he wanted to put his hands on producing and directing something crazy for a very long time. 

He said that if he gets an opportunity to be on sitcoms or regular Tv shows that he can fit into, he has no problem doing that too. 

But his main goal is to be a producer and director. 

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