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Juliette Corrin is the mother of the English actress, Emma Corrin.

She resides in Kent, England.

Juliette Resembles Princess Diana

Juliette's daughter, Emma, plays Princess Diana's role in the TV show, The Crown

So, it is not a shock to see her physical resemblance to Princess Diana. 

Juliette Corrin daughter Emma Corrin.
Juliette Corrin daughter Emma Corrin. Source: Instagram

However, even Juliette bears a resemblance to the princess. 

In an interview with the actress, she revealed that her mother looked so similar to the princess that people used to confuse Juliette for the princess. 

Thus, several hours after the announcement of Princess Diana's death, onlookers were shocked to see Juliette in a cafe at the London Railway Station

Her resemblance was so conspicuous that it even caused some people to faint at the spot.

As this story sounds almost unbelievable, Emma was hesitant to share it. She also revealed that her mother looks up to Diana as her strength and perseverance are unlike any British royalty. 

To look similar to royalty, Juliette must have been very beautiful and charming during her youth.

Is Emma Dating Harry Styles?

Emma Corrin and Harry Styles met each other at the singer's concert. As the pair shared a stylist and mutual friends, they became friends very quickly.

In a recent interview, Emma revealed that Harry once looked after her dog, Spencer, while she was out having dinner. 

She says that Harry was convinced that he would no longer dog-sit Spencer as he would not stop farting.

Although Emma and Harry have sparked numerous dating rumors, they claim that they are strictly friends with no romantic involvement. 

However, the pair is set to share the screen for their upcoming movie 'My Policeman.'

Juliette Helped Emma To Prepare For Her Role

Emma Corin had to endure a lengthy process before acting as Princess Diana in The Crown

She first received a call in 2019 asking if she could play Diana in the read-through for Camilla's auditions. 

Although this was not a request for an audition, Emma wanted to work on this opportunity diligently. 

While preparing for the role, Juliette extended a helping hand to her daughter to find a distinctive voice that Diana possessed. 

Being a speech therapist, Juliette helped Emma practice her voice and lines for the role. Juliette was as invested as Emma in this role and contributed a lot of effort towards it.

Eventually, Emma was called in for an actual audition and was able to secure the role successfully. 

She shares that she immediately called her mother, Juliette, to share the good news. 

Juliette Corrin daughter Emma Corrin on the set of The Crown.
Juliette Corrin daughter Emma Corrin on the set of The Crown. Source: Instagram

This role helped Emma win a Golden Globe award, and Juliette probably must have felt immense delight and pride for her daughter.

Juliette's Life As A Professional 

Apart from being a mother, Juliette is a child speech therapist from South Africa

Her work entails examining and treating children with communication problems and speech disorders. 

She specializes in developing a child's speech, language, and communication skills in their early years.

Likewise, she has also done a lot of research relating to language development in children.

Who is Juliette's Husband?

Juliette Corrin is married to a businessman, Chris Corrin. The couple has a daughter and two sons named Emma, Richard, and Jonty Corrin

Their children received education privately while Emma went to Woldingham, a Roman Catholic girls' school

She also attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and St John's College, Cambridge.

Juliette and Chris Corrin have a €2.5 million family home in Seal, Kent, near Sevenoaks.

Net Worth

Juliette Corrin's net worth is under review. Her salary is estimated to be around $46797.50 - $53551.79.

However, Emma Corrin has a net worth of $1 million.

Juliette's income is structured as shown below:

Minimum Income$46797.50
Maximum Income$53551.79

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Juliette's age is yet to be revealed.
  2. Her height and weight are unknown.
  3. She holds a British nationality.

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