Justice Jay Ackles

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Justice Jay Ackles

Justice Jay Ackles is the daughter of a famous American Actor, Producer and director, Jensen Ackles

Her mother's name is Danneel Harris Ackles. She was the first daughter of her parents. 

She has a brother and a sister. Justice is an American citizen. Her current age is eight.

Justice with her dad, Jansen
Justice with her dad, Jansen  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Jensen Ackles

Jensen has many past relationships, but he first publicly dated American model Joanna Krupa in 2003. They dated for two years

After that, Jensen started dating Canadian actress Tania Saulnier. They dated for a year in 2005.  

In 2006 Jansen met Danneel Harris as a costar. They worked together in a movie named "Ten Inch Hero." 

They then started dating each other. After 4 years of dating, they finally married on 15 May 2010

They gave birth to their first daughter Justice Jay Ackles in 2013 and, later in 2016, gave birth to twins, son and daughter.

Jansen Ackles with his wife, Daneel Harris
Jensen Ackles with his wife, Danneel Harris  Source: Instagram

About Jensen Ackles

Jensen is an American actor born on 1 March 1978 in Dallas, Texas, America

He was born to Donna Joan and Alan Roger Ackles, an actor. 

He started acting at a very young age as a child actor and appeared in many series. 

He then worked in many movies and series, among which Ten Inch Hero, My Bloody and Buddy Game are some of his most appreciated movies. 

He was married to Danneel in 2010 and had three children with her. They are Justice Jay Ackles, Arrow Rhodes Ackles and Zeppelin Bram Ackles. Arrow and Zeppelin are twin brothers and sisters.

Jensen Ackles Hurt Jared In A Scene

In 2015, Jensen and Jared were shooting a scene for the "Supernatural" series. 

The scene was an action scene and included a sharp instrument called a silver blade in the series. 

In that scene, Jensen was supposed to be stabbing Jared just like an act, but instead, it became an accident. 

He stabbed Jared in real. Jared was hurt by the blade and was in pain, but Jensen asked him not to ruin the scene and not cut the scene as the act was coming naturally. 

They only stopped acting after the director told them to stop and the scene came out perfect.

Justice Jay Ackles with her sister
Justice Jay Ackles with her sister  Source: Instagram

Reason Behind Naming His Son

Jensen Ackles gave an interview to the "LIVEKellyandRyan show

There in that interview, he talked about how he named his son. The interviewer praised Jensen for keeping unique names to his children. 

Jensen replied, saying that he and his wife have three children together, and two of them are twins. 

He and his wife Daniel wanted their children's names from their names, that is, Jensen and Daniel and going on through it, they gave great names to their sons and daughters. 

The interviewers were too eager to know how he named his son Zeppelin and why. 

After Jensen named his son Zeppelin, many people thought they named their son Zeppelin because they were a great fan of Led Zeppelin

Jensen agreed that they are quite big fans of Led Zeppelin, but that's was not the reason behind them naming their son as Zeppelin

Jensen opened up that after the birth of their twins' child, they named their daughter quickly, but they got stuck when they had to name his son. 

His whole family member was there in the recovery room with him, and everyone was busy searching for a name for his son. 

They are spitting different names for him, but Jensen was there staring at his son. 

His family searched names for his baby boy in 100 best baby names sites. 

He was there looking at his boy and saying to his family members that they won't find names over there. 

Jensen said that while doctors were delivering their twin babies and pulled out his son, it was scary because his Umbilical Cord was tied into a knot. 

That was very dangerous, but fortunately, it was tied loosely, which got his son out of danger, and he was completely fine. 

After that, Jensen searched names of knots, and there he found Zeppelin Bend, which definition matched with his son's birth situation and then he showed that name to his wife. 

That's how he named his son. His big daughter's name is Justice, and she was there backstage with his wife in that interview. 

Her other daughter's name is Arrow which is a great name. 


Justice was born on 30 May 2013 in Austin, Texas, America

She has celebrated her 8th birthday this year.

Net Worth

Justice's father, Jensen, has a net worth of $14 Million. His source of income is acting.

In America, the average salary of an actor is $58,580 annually.

Is Justice Jay Ackles's Father Homosexual?

Justice's father, Jensen, is an actor by profession. He has done a lot of movies and theater in his career. 

He is positive and supportive towards the LGBT community, and he supports them through his theater dramas. 

He played one character named Dean Winchester is also a sort of homosexual in the movie. 

Due to this, he was questioned by many fans and people about his sexuality. 

People predicted Justice's father to be homosexual by nature. But the truth was that he was straight and was not homosexual

He instead has a supporting character toward homosexual people and likes to uplift them.

Family of Justice Jay Ackles
Family of Justice Jay Ackles   Source: Instagram

People Offended by Jensen's Joke

In 2017, Jensen and his co-star Jared were interviewed at the "Supernatural" convention. 

They were giving answers to some questions and joking around as they were too frank with each other. 

In the verse of joking, they said something that offended their fans and the whole audience. 

They talked about using chloroform on people while dating and stuff and pointed towards Bill Cosby as an example. 

Bill Cosby is a person that is several times accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior towards women. 

He was accused by more than 50 women, not only one or two. 

This came in such a way that the joke became offensive and was hated by people. 

Later they apologized for their offensive joke and said they didn't mean it.

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