Justin Miller- Truth About Jennifer Nettles Husband

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Justin Miller- Truth About Jennifer Nettles Husband

Justin Miller is the husband of American singer, songwriter, producer, actress, and record producer Jennifer Nettles

Justin has a son named Magnus Hamilton with Jennifer. He is an entrepreneur by his profession. 

Before that, he was a model. He is American by his nationality.

Marriage and Children

His wife Jennifer was married to Todd Van Sickle previously. Her ex-husband was the owner of Decatur, Georgia's Live music venue.

They got married in 1998. They stayed as husband and wife for nine years and later got separated from each other. 

In 2007 the couple got divorced. They had no children together.

Jennifer didn't open up about the reason behind their divorce as she hid it, saying its personal.

Justin Miller with his son
Justin Miller with his son. Source: Instagram

After that, she got into a relationship with Justin, who is a former model. They tied the knot in 2012

A year after their marriage, the couple gave birth to their first child, a son. As of 2021, they both are still together. 

They have already completed nine years of their married life and still counting more. They both are happily living together with their son.

Justin Miller wife Jennifer and their son
Justin Miller wife Jennifer and their son. Source: Instagram 

About Wife Jennifer Nettles

Jennifer's full name is Jennifer Odessa Nettles was on 12 September 1974. Her parents raised her in Douglas, Georgia, U.S.

She joined the band Sugarland in 2003 and is well-known as the main vocalist of that band. 

After that music career, she reached to hike, making her a winner of many awards. Besides music, she has also made her career in acting. 

She has shown her presence in many shows and performed well in them. She has been married two times. 

Now she is living happily with her second husband.

Jennifer's Tattoo Has a Story

The famous singer Jennifer is loved by many, and her songs made her gain fame worldwide. 

But her many fans were eager to know about her tattoo, and many of them had also asked her about that. 

Her fans thought that there is some story behind her tattoo, and they want to know about that. 

Jennifer thought not to create any suspense among her fan related to her tattoo, so she spoke up, saying that she had made the tattoo on her wrist, upper arm, and hip when she was 18

She said that she printed those tattoos as a timestamp of her past.  In the past, she had gone through some difficult times, and her tattoo denotes that. 

She didn't share the actual thing as its way too personal.

Jennifer Got Injured In Stage

Back in 2017, when Jennifer attended an event at Time Inc, she had a great fall from the stage. 

While she was moving onto the stage, she tumbled over a lamp fitting and made her fall from the stage. 

She was badly injured in that accident. Because of that, she got injured in her back. She broke her rib and had some cuts. 

After that, she was immediately taken for treatment.  

She also posted on her social media about her accident and said thanks to her fans that they showed love to her during her hard time.

She also showed her gratefulness to the medical staff that helped her at that time.

Jennifer Is Not Responsible For People's Death?

Jennifer is well known for being the lead singer of the Sugarland band. Back in 2011, Jennifer and her Sugarland team went to Indianapolis for a concert. 

They went there to perform at Indiana State Fair and there was a huge crowd present to watch them play. Just before Jennifer and her band were about to perform a horrific incident took place which changed the whole environment of the fair. 

The whole stage collapsed which created chaos in the crowd. The stage was made at the height by rigging and because of the high wind, the whole stage collapsed causing a tragic accident. 

45 people got injured and 7 people lost their lives because of the collapse. Jennifer was about to get on the stage when this happened. 

It was all sudden and within a moment the stage fell and she felt everything was dark and different. Jennifer cried realizing that the people who came to watch the Sugarland had to lose their lives. 

She got deeply affected by the accident and two months later she and one of the team partners went back to Indianapolis again and played music. 

Everything was paid by them and they wanted to help people with their music to heal them. Jennifer felt bad but she cleared out that she and her team was not responsible for what happened at the fair. 

She claimed that it wasn't her place and they all were invited as guests so it was not their responsibility to take care of people’s safety over there. According to her, the safety responsibility should be taken care of by the Venue and the fair promoter. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Jennifer is 47 years old. But her husband's age, height, and weight are unknown.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jennifer is $20 Million. Her source of income is acting, singing, and songwriting. 

The yearly income of American singers is $400,000 per year.

Justin Miller's Wife Speaks on Sexual Harassment

Justin is married to Jennifer, a well-known singer as well as an actress. 

Jennifer opened up about her thoughts on sexual harassment. As an actress, she has also worked in the entertainment industry for many years. 

The entertainment industry is filled with harassment, rape, and misbehavior, and for her, that is not a new thing. 

Jennifer shared that her decision to leave the entertainment industry was also because of that stuff. 

Before, women who had been the victim of assault never spoke about anything because they knew they wouldn't be believed. 

But now, women have a platform where they can openly speak about anything. In the entertainment industry, harassment is still a problem. It's just that some of it are seen, whereas others aren't.

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