Who Is Jye Frasca? Husband Of Tommie Earl Jenkin

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Who Is Jye Frasca? Husband Of Tommie Earl Jenkin

Jye Frasca is the husband of American actor, musician, and stage performer Tommie Earl Jenkins. 

He is also an actor by profession. He is currently living in Los Angeles, California, with his partner. He is an American.

Jye Frasca with his mother and sister.
Jye Frasca with his mother and sister. Source: Instagram

His Married Life

Jye is married to his husband, Tommie Earl Jenkins. The couple has been married since 2000.

They have a great life together and often share pictures on social media. 

Jye and Tommie both are very supportive of each other. They share appreciation posts writing how proud they are to have each other's back. 

On November 24, Jye shared a photo of his partner and expressed how proud and happy he feels to share his life with Tommie. 

Jye appreciates the aura Tommie has to inspire people and run his race. 

Jye Frasca with his partner, Tommie Earl Jenkins.
Jye Frasca with his partner, Tommie Earl Jenkins. Source: Instagram

About Jye's Partner Tommie 

Tommie is a well-known actor, musician, and stage performer. 

He is currently known for his appearance in the Netflix comedy-horror series Wednesday. 

He is seen playing the character of Noble Walker in that series. 

Tommie was born in Canton, Ohio, which makes him an American citizen by his nationality. 

Age And Net Worth 

Jye's age and net worth are under review. However, his partner Tommie is 57 years old and has a net worth of $1 - $5 Million. 

Tommie Is Getting Used To LA traffic. 

In one of the interviews, Tommie talked about Los Angeles traffic. He was very new to LA when he first shifted there, and the traffic of LA got on his nerves. 

The traffic is terrible in LA, and when he has to go somewhere urgently, he feels exhausted as he gets stuck in traffic for a long time. 

He got annoyed at the start, but slowly he got used to it. Now the traffic in LA doesn’t bother him at all. 

He is getting used to it so now he has no problem. He listens to the songs to calm him down. 

The place where Tommie is living has many mountains, so he enjoys the views when he gets stuck in traffic. 

He learned to expect those things and just tries to sort it out. 

Auditioning Without Knowing Anything About Project 

In 2019, a video game named Death Stranding was released. In that video game, Tommie played the character named Die Hardman.

He had given his voice and motion capture appearance in that game. 

That same year, he was interviewed by JIRWINKO game, who was interested in how Tommie got his hand on that role. 

Tommie revealed that in 2017 he was asked to record himself performing a few scenes, but he was not told anything about the project and had no idea what he had to do. 

Somehow, he managed to act and complete his part of the work. After that, he sent his self-recorded tape and waited for the response. 

Tommie waited for a month but got no response, so he thought he didn’t make it. 

Two months later, he received a call and was told he was approved for Die Hardman’s role. 

Tommie Against Racism

Tommie became prominent after his role in the video game Death Stranding and now in Netflix's comedy horror series Wednesday

Tommie is gay by his sexuality and belongs to the black community

In 2019, Tommie posted a tweet saying that he is entirely against racism and that any kind of racism is intolerable and invalid. 

As Tommie is gay and black, he has also faced many problems and struggled to be what he can’t change. 

He doesn’t want people to support or like him, but he does want people to stop people from judging someone for their race, color, and sexuality. 

He wants to be accepted in the community for what he is. 

Tommie's Acting Moved Everyone 

Tommie played Die-Hardman in the video game death stranding. 

In that game, there was a scene where, Tommie and another actor Sam Bridges conversed with each other. 

The conversation between those two actors moved everyone, including the filming crew. 

The scene was so powerful that all the gamers loved it and Tommie himself considered it his favorite scene that he had ever played. 

It was not the first that he performed an emotional scene, but it was one of the hardest scenes he has performed in his acting career. 

That scene was so emotional that every crew member from Death Stranding was in tears. 

His acting performance in that scene seemed very realistic.

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