Who Is Kaden Stokes? Brother Of Chase Stokes

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Kaden Stokes is known to the viewer as the brother of actor and model Chase Stokes. His parents are Jeff Stokes and Nicki Osterman Stokes

Kaden has five siblings, two sisters named Kendall and Rylie along with three brothers named Chase, Evan, and Griffin. 

Who Is Chase's Girlfriend?

Chase is currently dating country singer Kelsea Ballerini.

They made their romance public at the beginning of January 2023, when Stokes posted a picture of them attending the College Football Playoff National Championship on his Instagram.

According to some sources, they were not officially dating at that time but were surely flirting with each other. 

In a podcast, Kelsea revealed that she messaged Chase when her manager called Chase cute and said that he was the right guy for her. 

So, she slid into his DM's and the rest is history.

 Kaden Stokes's brother Chase Stokes.
Kaden Stokes's brother Chase Stokes. Source: Instagram

Chase Talked About His First Kiss With Madelyn Cline

Chase and her co-star Madelyn Cline both co-starred each other in the Outer Banks series. Their onscreen chemistry is liked by many people and they also dated for a year in real life. 

In the interview with US Weekly, Chase talked about his onscreen first kiss with Madelyn

He remembered his first kiss with Madelyn and shared that Madelyn was really sick when they had their first kiss on screen. 

They were planning to cancel shooting on that day because it was raining heavily but Jones told them that they will shoot their kiss scene in the rain as most romantic scenes are shot in the rain. 

Jones told that shooting their kiss scene in rain would make it more intense so they just did that. 

Chase shared his experience and opened up that he was very nervous when he read the script and knew that he had to kiss Madelyn

As it was their first scene he and Madelyn were both nervous but Chase is thankful to his cast members because they made them feel easy and comfortable. 

He and Madelyn talked and hugged before kissing and they kissed. 

Chase got sick after he and Madelyn shared their kiss, Madelyn was already sick while they shot the scene and as he realized he had to kiss her he knew that he would fall sick and he did get sick too.

Chase revealed that he was freaking out before the kissing scene and as he didn't want it to go wrong he was concerned about his breath smelling bad and using chap stick. 

Chase rated his first onscreen kiss with Madelyn 10/10.                


His brother Chase is 30 years old.

Net Worth

His brother Chase's net worth is estimated to be $650,000. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Kaden Stokes's stepmom and brother.
Kaden Stokes's stepmom and brother. Source: Instagram

Chase Talked While Shooting On Jungle For Outer Banks

The Netflix show Outer Bank is an action-adventure mystery drama that aired its first season in 2020.

Season 3 of the show recently premiered on Netflix

Chase said that it took a lot of effort to shoot for the show as it is filled with action and adventure. 

He said that it requires a lot of physical strength and exertion for the show. He shared that shot in season three on Barbados. 

They shot in the jungle and they were in the jungle for more time than expected. He shared one interesting incident while shooting in the jungle. 

He said that he was shooting a stunt scene for the final episode. 

He said he was extremely exhausted so he leaned his body on a tree as he was too tired to hold his body. 

The next thing that happened to him was shocking. His arm was on fire. He didn’t know how to react. 

One of the crew members said that he was burnt because of the poisonous sap of the tree. So they took him to van and put ointment on his burnt arm. 

After that incident, he felt okay and was talking to his director and suddenly felt that he was hit by something on the back of his head. 

He said his body jerked forward because of that hit. His director said that it was the bird that hit him. In addition to that a monkey peed on his eyeball. 

Chase Lived In the Parking Garage

In an interview, Chase revealed he lived in a parking structure across the way under the Chinese garment theater in Hollywood.

He lived there for two months. He revealed how he managed to do that for two months. 

He said he had a strategy and find different parking lot every day and it worked for him. 

He said he was never caught up. He said he met Superman a couple of times in parking spaces. 


Chase Was Fired From Every Job

Chase worked as a waiter in Oscar after party but was fired within fifteen minutes as he was watching the band perform rather than working. 

He got another job as a bartender near the universal studio. He said his bartender job lasted less than a year. 

He said he lied to the owner of the bar and that he was good at photography

So, the owner of the bar hired him as a photographer both he knew nothing about it. 

He went home and watched every YouTube video on how to take good pictures. Eventually, he got fired after that. 

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