Who Is Kai Cole? Ex-Wife Of Joss Whedon

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Who Is Kai Cole? Ex-Wife Of Joss Whedon

Kai Cole is the ex-wife of famous filmmaker, composer, and comic book writer Joss Whedon

She is a professional producer and an architect. She has two kids with Joss who are named, Squire Cole and Arden Cole. She is from America

Kai Cole with her ex-husband Joss Whedon
Kai Cole with her ex-husband Joss Whedon Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Joss was previously married to Kai, an architect and producer. The couple happily married each other back in 1995.

The couple has two children together. They stayed as husband and wife for more than a decade and later separated in 2012. 

They got divorced after four years of their separation, that is in 2016.

What Happened Between Joss And His Wife?

Joss was married for more than a decade with Kai. The couple ended their marriage in 2016.

Joss's wife Kai opened up that her husband Joss was not an honest guy as he gave attention to other women, which was not acceptable to her. 

She found out that her then-husband cheated her with many women and it was intolerable thing for her. So they separated.

Joss Whedon with his crew members
Joss Whedon with his crew members Source: Instagram 

About Her Ex-Husband 

Joss is an American filmmaker, composer, and comic book writer born on June 23, 1964

His full name is Joseph Hill Whedon. He was born and raised by his parents in NYC. He showed interest in TV shows at an early age. 

He is a well-known filmmaker, and he made his first-ever TV series in 1997 named Buffy The Vampire Slayer

His work in the series made him gain a lot of attention from people. He is a very talented person. 

Some of his movies are Serenity, The Cabin in the Woods, and many more.

Kai Cole's ex-husband Joss Whedon
Kai Cole's ex-husband Joss Whedon  Source: Instagram


He is 57 years old. His height is 1.78m. 

Net worth 

The net worth of Joss is $100 Million. His source of income comes as being a filmmaker, composer, and comic book writer. 

The average income of a filmmaker is $53,467 per year.

Ex-Husband Used Kai Cole As A Shield

Kai is the ex-wife of Joss. She was with the filmmaker for about 21 years, and she knows him better than anyone else. 

Many allegations have popped out against Joss from the initial days. But he disclaimed it all. 

But his ex-wife has spoken against him and told people the dark truth. 

She told the media that the filmmaker was using her as a shield to stay away from the media. 

She also revealed that Joss had multiple affairs outside the home, and he used to hide them by taking Kai's name. 

Joss Misbehaved With The Crew

Joss is brilliant in every project he does. But he seems to be not so brilliant as a person. 

It is because of the allegation he has been getting through the years. 

Joss was accused by his movie's crew of misbehaving specially with female members.

They revealed that he always misbehaved with them and made fun of them. He shouts at them and disrespects them.

Moreover, he called two pregnant women fat as well. 

He was accused of verbally abusing others and many misbehaving things.

He denied all the allegations but allegations against him kept on increasing.

Joss Is The Reason For A Flop Of Justice League

Justice League and The Avengers are the best superhero movies in the industry. 

Currently, Justice League seems to have been degrading, and people are blaming Joss for it. 

The filmmaker has made the latest Justice League movie, and it did not meet the people's expectations. 

People commented on the film that it is because of Joss that the movie was a flop. 

They revealed that Joss was trying to add Marvel's taste to DC character, which ruined it all. 

In addition, the dialogue that Joss added was too cheesy, and the whole filmmaking was worst, according to fans.

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