Kai Knapp – Meet Daughter Of Alexis Knapp

by Manisha Mon Jul 24 2023 Updated On Wed Mar 20 2024
Kai Knapp – Meet Daughter Of Alexis Knapp

Kai Knapp is the daughter of actress Alexis Knapp. She was born in 2011 in Los Angeles. Her father is Ryan Phillippe

Her parents dated each other in mid-2010 but they are not together anymore. 

Her mother found out about the pregnancy after their separation. She was solely raised by her mom.

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Kai Knapp with her mother Alexis Knapp
Kai Knapp with her mother Alexis Knapp. Source: Twitter

Is Alexis dating anyone?

Alexis is not dating anyone at the moment. She is single. 


Kai Knapp is 12 years old

Net worth

Her mother's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress. 

Alexis loves to experiment with every genre

Alexis said that she does not live being type-casted to one genre. She said she finds it strange when people confine themselves to only one genre. 

She said one should not limit oneself to one thing, especially as an actor, and one should be able to channel every aspect of one side and experience different things. 

She said that sometimes actors are offered roles that are completely different from what they usually do, so they should be able to play every genre and express themselves. 

Alexis said after the Project X movie, she wanted to do a movie that was calm and relaxed

Alexis was a part of the 2012 movie Project X, which was a big-budget movie. She said the movie gave her recognition as she got a major role in that movie. 

She shared that the movie was so big and crazy that she wanted to do movies that were completely opposite to it. 

She admitted she had a habit of doing opposite things. Since the movie was big, she was looking for an indie and emotional type of movie. 

She said she wanted to do silent and philosophical movie. She said she was offered such movie but it never happened. 

She said she was not into commercial movies at that time.

Alexis talked about Pitch Perfect 

Alexis played the role of Stacie Conrad in Pitch Perfect movie. 

Since the movie was musical comedy there was lots of music battle in the movie. She said she had good time being part of the movie.

She said the movie would not be same with those rip offs. She said that element was the best thing in the movie and it was fun to shot also. 

She said they did a lot of stuff that didn’t make it to the screen. 

Alexis loves karaoke

Alexis is also a singer. She loves going to karaoke and singing her favorite songs. 

She shared she got to a karaoke place and asked them to play songs they had never heard before. 

She said she asked for very controversial songs.

Which was one of Alexis's favorite parts of the Pitch Perfect franchise?

Alexis also starred in parts two and three of the movie Pitch Perfect. 

In the premiere of the movie, she said that it was a beautiful experience to be part of such a hit movie three times in a row. 

She revealed that the first part was her favorite as it was new and raw and had a lot of freshness to it. 

She said she shot for the movie after giving birth to her daughter, and she had her daughter with her on her set while shooting. 

She said she loved being a mother and a new actor at that time. 

Alexis talked about her Pitch Perfect cast

Pitch Perfect movie has a huge cast. They have an amazing onscreen chemistry. Alexis said that they hang out with each other when everyone is in town. 

She said everyone is busy with their life and work, so it is hard for them to spend time together. 

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