Kali Woodruff

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Kali Woodruff

Kali Woodruff is the wife of Australian actor and musician Jesse Spencer. She got married in 2020

She is a researcher by profession. She is currently living with her husband in Los Angeles

She is Australian by her nationality. 

Relationship Status Of Jesse Spencer 

Jesse was in a relationship with Jennifer Morrison

They dated back in 2004 after knowing and meeting each other in the show House M.D. They worked together in that show. 

They dated for two years and later got engaged. In the same year, they broke up and parted ways. 

He then dated Louise Griffiths, who is an actress and singer. They had love affairs for two years. 

After that, he got into a relationship with Maya Gabeira. They dated in 2010, stayed together for three years, and later separated. 

In 2014 Jesse dated Kali Woodruff. They met on a music show in that years and fell for each other. 

They were in a relationship for six years before they got married in 2020. 

Jesse with his wife
Jesse with his wife  Source: Instagram 

About Jesse Spencer 

Jesse is an Australian actor and musician born on 12th February 1979

He is well known for his role in the American drama Chicago Fire. He is the son of Rodney Spencer and Robyn Spencer

He was raised in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. He started acting in 1994

He has already appeared in several movies. Besides acting, he has also made his career in music too. 

He is a brilliant actor and gained popularity from his acting performance in Chicago Fire

Kali Woodruff husband
Kali Woodruff husband  Source: Instagram

Come Back Of Jesse Spencer 

Jesse Spencer gave an interview to Us Weekly in 2022. It was a virtual interview alongside Derek

He talked about his show Chicago Fire, his family, and some emotional moments. 

Many people know Chicago Fire Series as the series of Jesse Spencer, and he is indeed the leader of the show, but he revealed in the interview that he is leaving the show for good. 

According to what he has said, he had been in the series for 18 years straight. He has been the face of the series for quite a long time, and people have always loved him and his work.

But he needed some change in his life, and he needed a break from the show. 

He revealed that he had a family to take care of in his hometown, and in addition, he also said that he wanted to try something new for himself in the time being. 

From the beginning till season 10, he has been a part of the Chicago Fire Series which has served him a lot of fan base and supporters, and he is thankful for it. 

He expressed that the decision was one of the most complex decisions. 

He was about to leave the show earlier than the current season, but the director, Derek, stopped him and said to complete at least 200 episodes. 

He loved the show, so he agreed. He and Derek have been friends for more than ten years and have worked together.

It was hard for them to decide about Jesse's leaving. Derek did make him promise to return to the show after three years

But according to Derek, the team will reach out to him after some time. Jesse also expressed that it was an emotional moment for them to digest that he was leaving. 

But for Jesse that was necessary. He promised in an interview that he would be returning to the show after three years, and Derek also promised that if he wanted to return any time earlier, Derek would do anything to make it possible.


Jesse is 42 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jesse is $8 Million. His source of income is acting and music. 

Jesse Is Suffering From A Strange Disease

Jesse is suffering from a strange disease where he finds it difficult to figure out the function of hand and eye at the same time. 

The coordination capability of his body is weak due to the disease. And the disease name is Butter Fingers

Jesse also had problem shooting in some scenes as he was supposed to hold a fake baby, and he couldn't. 

He was continuously trying it and couldn't do it the first 17 times. He somehow managed to do it finally, and the scene was completed.

Jesse Spencer Is Leaving 'Chicago Fire' After 10 Years

Jesse has been an important character in the famous series Chicago Fire

He has spent his ten years in that series, and people expect more of his work in the series. 

But unfortunately, he has decided to leave the series. He said that it was difficult for him to leave the show after all these years. 

But he had to do it because of his future plan. He wants to try working on different projects and try out new things. 

Not only that, but he had to leave the show for his family and their welfare. 

On the other hand, the show creator has told the audience that Jesse will be cast again in some parts in the future and will not let him leave the show.

Jesse Is A Singer Too

Jesse has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. 

He is mostly known for his role in the famous series Chicago Fire.

His brilliancy in work and his natural acting made him earn a lot of name and fame for himself. 

Many people know him as a great actor, but people don't know that he is a singer as well. 

He has been a member of a charity band with his fellow actors. He is good at singing, and people praise him for his talent. 

He has also been a part of classic rom-com where he played a role of a musician. 

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