Kane Ren Biermann

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Kane Ren Biermann

Kane Ren Biermann is the son of Kroy Beirmann, a former footballer, and Kim Zolciak Berimann, a singer and television personality. 

More about Kane and His Family

Family of Kane
Family of Kane  Source: Pinterest

Kane was born in the year 2013. His father was born on September 12, 1985, in Hardin, Montana, United States. He is thirty-five years. 

Kane's mother's name is Kim Marie Zolciak Berimann. She was born on May 19, 1978, in Pensacola, Florida, to a military family. 

She was raised as Roman Catholic. She is an American Television personality and singer. 

Kane has five siblings, three sisters and one brother. His eldest sister's name is Briella Karenna, who was born on February 25, 1997

Arianna Lenee is his other sister who was born on October 17, 2001

His brother's name is Kash Kade. He was born on August 15, 2012

He was born as a twin. He has a twin sister named Kia Rose, who is twenty-nine minutes older than him.

Kane Ren Biermann with his twin sister Kia Rose
Kane Ren Biermann with his twin sister Kia Rose   Source: Instagram

Briella and Arianna were born to a different man. Kroy later adopted them and gave them his surname. 

They are a total of eight members in the family.

Kane's Birthday

Kane and his twin celebrated their birthday at their home with their whole family. 

His mother, Kim, posted lots of heartwarming wishes and adorable pictures on her Instagram stories.

For Kane's birthday celebration, he had an incredible hulk themed cake. His twin, on the other hand, had a pink princess cake. 

Kane with his twin and mother on his birthday
Kane with his twin and mother on his birthday  Source: Instagram

His Go-Kart Crash

Kane and his brothers were riding a Go-Kart around their neighborhood. 

His parents were following them from behind while riding on their Go-Kart. Suddenly Kane's mother heard a bang, and it was their Go-Kart

The Go-Kart was crashed into the huge pile of rocks. Kim was getting anxiety attacks after seeing the Go-Kart crashed. 

Her husband Kroy flipped the Go-Kart and found Kane down inside. Kim said that her husband flipped the Go-Kart-like superman and saved his son.

However, Kane was not hurt in this incident. Kim stated that she is super protective when it comes to her children.

She said that after a family dog bit Kane's brother, she has been overprotective towards children, especially Kane being the youngest one in the family. 

Parents' Relationship

Kane's parents Kroy and Kim, first met back in the year 2010. Kroy was at the show Dancing Stars of Atlanta.  

Kim was also present there to raise funds for Alzheimer's disease. Kim fell in love with him at first sight. 

She said his physical appearance attracted her for the first time. They got married in 2011, just after they dated and went out for a whole year.  

However, Kim says that they do not always have relationship goals per their followers' view on Instagram.

She stated that Kroy tried to break off the relationship back in 2018. She said it only lasted for 24 hours, and they cleared things up. 

She posted on her Instagram saying that her husband Kroy is the hottest man alive and her ride or die. 

They are currently in their ten years of marriage. There seems no marital dispute between them. 

Kane Ren Biermann parents Kroy Beirmann and Kim Zolciak Berimann
Kane Ren Biermann parents Kroy Beirmann and Kim Zolciak Berimann  Source: Instagram

Net Worth

He is a small boy. He is still in school and is too young to work. 

Therefore, his source of income is his parents. The net worth of his father is given below:

Net WorthSources
$5.5 millionAthlete, former football player

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. He is seven years old.
  2. He studies in grade second.
  3. His nationality is American.
  4. His height is four feet.
  5. His weight is 24 kilograms.

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