Who Is Kannon Valentine James? Son Of Kevin James

by Manisha Sun Mar 12 2023 Updated On Sun Mar 12 2023
Who Is Kannon Valentine James? Son Of Kevin James

Kannon Valentine James is the son of comedian Kevin James. His mother's name is Steffiana de la Cruz.

He was born in 2011. He has three sisters, Sienna- Marie James, Sistine Sabella James, and Shea Joella James. 

His maiden name is named after his late grandfather Joseph Valentine Knipfing. Kannon loves music and plays piano. 

About Parents

Kevin is happily married to Steffiana de la Cruz. They met on a blind date in 2001

Shortly after that, Steffiana moved in with Kevin. In 2003 they got engaged, and a year later, they tied the knot. 

The two have been married for 19 years. The two share four kids.

Parents of Kannon Valentine James.
Parents of Kannon Valentine James. Source: Pinterest

Kannon Was Caught Playing An Unusual Virtual Reality Game

In an interview, Kevin said that his son is not so active. He added that kids these days are not as active as they were when they were kids. 

He said his son is always into video games. So James banned his playing and asked him to do fun activities with him. 

But his son found a way to make his way to play video games. He asked his father if he could get him an Oculus

He had no idea what Oculus was. Finally, Kannon told his dad that a virtual mask makes one active. 

After wearing that mask, one could do boxing, dancing, and other activities. 

He got Oculus for himself. So one day, he saw him wearing that virtual mask, but he stood still for ten minutes. 

All he was doing was moving his finger. James thought that after wearing that, his son was doing some active things. 

After seeing that, he was pissed, so he ripped the mask from his face and asked what he was doing. 

Kannon downloaded a virtual job simulator and got a job at the convenience store. 

He was waiting for customers handing them some stuff and waiting for the next customer. He said his son was too lazy. 


Kannon Valentine is 11 years old.

Net Worth

Kannon Valentine's father's net worth is estimated at $100 million

Kevin Talked About His Family Trip To Montauk

Kevin managed to get a vacation during his summer break in 2017 with his family. 

He said he went to Montauk with his family. He said it was great as there were no paparazzi in that place. 

He mentioned the place was fantastic. He said though he grew up in Long Island, he never knew that there were such beautiful places there. 

It was a two and half hour's drive, and his kids got cranky in the car. 

He said he stooped in the middle to buy ice cream for his kids, but there was a long queue in the ice cream shop. 

He added he was panicking as his kids were getting irritated. When his turn finally arrived, the ice cream lady asked him to try the sample, which made him cranky. 

Adam Sandler And Kevin James Had A MMA Fight One Time

Adam and Sandler have been friends for a very long time. They have worked together on multiple projects. 

In an interview, both of them discussed their fighting. 

Adam said that he would never dare to fight with Kevin as Kevin is a tough guy. 

Kevin said that he let Adam win in other stuff, but when picking up restaurants, Adam cannot influence him. 

Adam shared one incident when Kevin put a hold on it. He said they went to do some fun stuff, and Kevin got carried away and held Adam's neck for too long.

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