Who Is Karen Cavaller? Wife Of Cristian Romero

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Who Is Karen Cavaller? Wife Of Cristian Romero

Karen Cavaller is the beautiful wife of professional footballer Cristian Romero.

Karen was born on November 11, 1999. She belongs to Argentina, so her nationality is Argentine.

Family of Karen Cavaller.
Family of Karen Cavaller. Source: Instagram

Married Life

Karen is currently married to Cristian. The couple is loving and caring, husband and wife for each other. 

They met each other when Karen was just 19 years old and Cristian was 20 years old

It was 2018 when they started to date. They got married to each other in August 2020. 

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They married each other early as they were sure about wanting to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Their loyalty and care for each other made their relationship strong. They are happily living with each other. They spend most of their time together. 

Although both are busy in their profession, they take time to be with each other. 

Karen Cavaller and Cristian Romero.
Karen Cavaller and Cristian Romero. Source: Instagram

About Her Daughter

Karen and Cristian are the father and mother of a daughter. They gave birth to their daughter on December 24, 2021. 

They are very happy to have their daughter. They named her Valentina

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Both of them adore their child very much. They have been taking her on vacation and tours along with them. 

They post cute pictures of their daughter on Instagram and other social media. 

Cristian posts an image together of his family with a beautiful caption.

Karen Cavaller's daughter, Valentina.
Karen Cavaller's daughter, Valentina. Source: Instagram

Overjoyed to win World Cup

Christian Romero gave an interview to Tottenham Hotspur where he talked about the World Cup win. He played for his country Argentina in 2022 World Cup and got to win the World Cup. Christian told that it was the most happiest years of his life because they got to take the World Cup Trophy in Argentina. As a player it was the biggest win that he could ever have in his life.Everyone in his team was happy and honored by their wins. Winning World Cup has always been the dream of Argentines so when the won the trophy they felt like their dream came alive. The most important thing for him on the moment was his family being with him to share the happiness. His son and wife came to the see match and their presence gave his strength and made the happy moment extra especially. His son was one year old and he felt really excited knowing that his wife and child was there to watch him win. Christian opened up that the reason behind their win was his team. He always felt that he has a very strong team. They worked very every time thinking that there are other better teams out there but he has the confidence that as a whole team his team was the strongest and that’s what made their game better. Another personal point that his had according to him was Messi. He has always seen Messi as the best player in the world and him being on Argentina team made their team even more stronger. Even before the match, Christian got the feeling that they would win because he and his team believed that as a group they were strongest could go against any team. That confidence worked really well on them and with all their team work they won the World Cup 2022. 



The age of Karen is 23 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Karen is currently not available. She might be involved in any profession or might be a housewife. 

Her husband's net worth is $4.5 million.

Karen Cavaller's husband, Cristian Romero.
Karen Cavaller's husband, Cristian Romero. Source: Instagram

Introduction Of Cristian 

Cristian was born on April 27, 1998, in Cordoba, Argentina. He belongs to Argentina, so he is Argentine from his nationality. 

He is a professional football player by his profession. 

He plays for the national team of Argentina and the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur

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He joined the club last year. Although he is from Argentina, he started his club career in Belgrano.

He played his first professional match from there. After two years, he joined the club Genoa.

In Genoa, he appeared for 27 matches and again shifted for Juventus in 2019. 

Then in 2021, he shifted to England to play with the club Tottenham Hotspur. 

Aggressive Behavior Of Cristian 

Cristian is quite aggressive. Whenever he feels angry or bothered, he doesn't think about who is in front of him. Sometimes he badly loses his temper. 

This is quite a bad habit. But he transferred his anger to his determination which is a very positive thing for a player. 

A Defender By Skill

Cristian is a defender in his position at center-back. His defense is just insane. His slide tackling is just unexpected for many audiences. 

He is physically and mentally prepared to defend any pass and shots from opponents. 

Whenever he profoundly falls in the game, he doesn't think about himself and starts to run for the ball no matter who the opponent is. 

His confidence is the main key to his skill. 

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