Karen Dyer Young

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Karen Dyer Young

Karen Dyer Young is the mother of American actress Natalia Dyer. Karen was married to Allen Miles Dyer.

She has two daughters named Virginia and Natalia with Allen

After divorcing Allen, she got into a relationship with John Young.  

She is American by her nationality. 

Karen Dyer Young ex-husband and children
Karen Dyer Young ex-husband and children  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Natalia Dyer

Natalia is currently dating Charlie Heaton, an actor and musician. 

They met each other for the first time on the set of famous series named Stranger Things.

Natalia, who played Nancy Wheeler and Charlie Heaton, who played as Jonathan Byers, were on-screen couples. 

Soon they became a real-life couple too. Natalia and Charlie started dating from the beginning of season 2

They kept their relationship private before saying they were only friends and cast members.  

They also appeared in many award functions together, which made their fans doubt if they were dating. 

Although at that time, they were even caught kissing and holding hands. But they denied saying that they were not a couple. 

In 2019, finally, Charlie opened up about his relationship with Natalia in public. They are still dating each other.

Natalia with his boyfriend, Charlie
Natalia with his boyfriend, Charlie  Source: Instagram 

About Natalia Dyer

Natalia's full name is Natalia Danielle Dyer is an American actress born on 13 January 1995

She was born to Karen and Allen Dyer. Her parents raised her with her sister Virginia in Nashville

Her mom got divorced, so she has a stepfather named John Young.

She had got her graduation completed from Nashville School of Arts. She moved to New York in the year 2013

As starting her career in acting, she played her first role in a movie named Hannah Montana: The Movie

She had appeared in many movies. Dyer is popularly known for her role in Stranger Things

Many people love the role she played as Nancy Wheeler in that series.  

She has also won Screen Actors Guild Awards for her awesome performance in Stranger Things

Natalia's Boyfriend Was Arrested For The Use Of Drugs

Natalia's boyfriend Charlie Heaton was found with cocaine in 2017 while checking the luggage in Los Angeles airport. 

After that airport incident, he was taken under custody by the cops there and was not allowed to leave. 

He didn't realize that this incident of his was going to be such a huge issue as he had already gained too much popularity from his work in the famous series "Stranger Things."

Due to this core reason, he didn't appear in the premiere of the series. 

This news of him being under custody reached the ears of the media, and the media made this news even bigger. 

His family struggled with the media and their questions. Natalia, too, was questioned. 

He was scared that he could not join the "Stranger Things" crew and continue his work. But later, he was released to shoot his series. 

His drug allegation slowly faded up, and people also supported him for his work.

Natalia in Emmy Awards
Natalia in Emmy Awards  Source: Instagram


Natalia is 26 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Natalia is $2 Million. Her source of income is acting. 

The average salary of young actors working in Stranger Things is estimated to be $200- $250k per episode.

Natalia Gets Offended With Media

Stranger Things is one of the most loved series by the people. The role played by every single actor is appreciated by the audience. 

Natalia is also well known for her role as Nancy Wheeler. That series also includes many child actors. 

Natalia opened up about the media sexualizing the young actors when she was questioned about how media behaves with teen actors. 

She responded by saying that medias tries to overexpose them by asking too personal questions with teen actors. 

She shares that she feels protective towards her teen actors. Natalia wants media to give actors their own space. 

Media questions are too sexualizing, and it creates judgment among people. 

She also talked about one of the media which represented Millie Bobby in the list of the sexy actress when she was just 13 years old. 

She just wanted the media to stay away from the personal issues of actors and let them live peacefully. 

Because of this reason, Natalia keeps herself away from the media.

Natalia Shocked Her Fans With Bold Acting 

Natalia is known for her versatile acting. She is always seen in different roles and characters while doing new movies or series. 

In the same way, Natalia was seen in the movie Yes God Yes with her bold acting. In this movie, she played a Catholic girl.

As always, she played her character well. But one of the scenes from that movie caught everybody's eye. 

The scene was she discovered self sexual pleasure. 

Being a catholic girl, she tried something that she was not supposed to do, i.e., self sexual pleasure, which amazed her fan. 

This was a whole new character that she had never performed, which made her fan's mouth open. 

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