Who Is Karen Faris? Mother Of Anna Faris

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Who Is Karen Faris? Mother Of Anna Faris

Karen Faris is the mother of American actress, podcaster, and writer Anna Faris

Karen herself is a special assistance teacher by her profession. 

She is married to Jack Faris, a sociologist. She has two children with him. 

She is an American citizen by her nationality. 

Karen Faris children
Karen Faris children Source: Instagram

Daughter Married Life 

Anna is married to Micheal Barrett, who is a professional choreographer

They got engaged in 2020, and after a year, they got married in court. 

They first met in the set of Overboard, where they liked each other. 

After that, they started dating in September of 2017

After dating for about three years, she decided to marry the choreographer.

Karen Fari's husband Jack Faris and grandson
Karen Faris's husband Jack Faris and grandson  Source: Instagram

Past Relationships Of Anna 

Anna's first public relationship was with actor Ben Indra. They then got married in 2004

But after three years, they had some problems, and they divorced. 

In the same year, the actress met the actor Chris Pratt. They started dating, and after a year, they got engaged. 

After a year, they decided to get married, and they welcomed their first baby a son named Jack in 2012

Their marriage didn't last long, and the couple got separated.

About Daughter Anna 

Anna is an American actress, writer, comedian, and podcaster born on 29 November 1976

She was raised by her professor father and teacher mother in Baltimore, Maryland, the United States.

She started acting at the age of 6 after joining a drama class. 

After graduation, she started doing a podcast and acting just for extra money. 

She didn't think of being a star until she got a role in a Scary Movie.

She received a lot of recognition from the movie as it was a hit. 

After that, she came into the film industry and did a lot of great jobs.

Karen Faris with her daughter Anna Faris
Karen Faris with her daughter Anna Faris Source: Instagram


Her daughter is 45 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Anna is $30 Million. Her source of income comes as bring as an actress, podcaster, and writer. 

Grandson Almost Died

Karen's grandchild Jack's birth was not normal. 

Although the delivery was normal and successful, the boy had problems. 

The child was born with a brain injury that could possibly take his life. 

He was bleeding in his brain, and the doctor said he could turn paralyzed after 18 months

But his parents were positive about him. They took great care of him, and his treatment was a success. 

He is a healthy boy now. He does have some problems with his vision and leg muscles. 

But besides that, he is a well-growing child.

Family of Karen Faris
Family of Karen Faris  Source: Instagram

Anna Changed Due To Plastic Surgery

From the initial days of actress Anna's career, she has gained a lot of fame.

From her body to dressing, she has turned more beautiful. But little do people know, and it is not just makeup that changed her. 

She had done plastic surgery. She always wanted a bit bigger boobs. 

For this, she did her boob job, and she was quite open about it. 

She loved her transformation, and she never had any regrets. 

But in addition to that, she also had her lips injected for a movie. 

She didn't like it, but she was okay with it since it was not looking too bad. 

Besides her plastic surgery, she has changed her hair color, eyebrows, and overall makeup throughout the time.

Anna Suffered An Injury On Set

Anna is one of the best actress in the film industry as she is too dedicated to her work. 

When she joins any project, she gives her 100 percent and works hard for it. 

In 2010, she was also doing a movie Yogi Bear, which had some action scenes. 

Since she was always a hardworking lady, the action scenes were not a problem for her. 

She was shooting on a river with no helmet or safety. The boat with a camera took her shot but couldn't stop at the right time. 

The ship then directly hit the actress into her head and left her injured. 

Fortunately, she had no major injuries, but she had a dizzy head, and it was painful. 

Still, she completed the scene.

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