Who Is Karen Fisher? Mother Of Mike Fisher

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Who Is Karen Fisher? Mother Of Mike Fisher

Karen Fisher is the mother of star ice hockey player Mike Fisher. Her husband is Jim Fisher

They are proud parents of their four kids. 

Karen and her husband worked hard and put a lot of effort into raising their kids well.

Karen Fisher's son Mike Fisher and husband Jim Fisher
Karen Fisher's son Mike Fisher and husband Jim Fisher Source: Instagram

Is Karen’s Son Mike Married?

Karen is married to a popular country singer, Carrie Underwood. They tied the knot in 2010.

They had a beautiful wedding ceremony at the Ritz-Carlton resort on Lake Oconee, Georgia.

Despite being from a different country and having busy careers, they still managed to save their marriage, proving they had a very strong relationship. 

Mike finally moved to the same city where his wife was and continued his playing career. 

The couple's first child came into this world in 2015. Now they are parents to two children, Isaiah and Jacob. 

They have been married for more than a decade and are still going strong. 

Mike Fisher with his wife Carrie Underwood on their wedding day
Mike Fisher with his wife Carrie Underwood on their wedding day  Source: Instagram

How Did Mike Meet His Wife?

He met Carrie back in 2008. They met for the first time through a mutual friend. 

Carrie’s friend Mark Childers set her up with the Canadian athlete, who turned out to be Mike. 

At first, she was hesitant about going on a blind date, so she suggested meeting him at her concert. 

Fisher met her backstage after one of her concerts. They had a casual meeting and were greeted at their first meeting. 

They talked on the phone regularly after that and finally had their first official date on New Year's Eve. 

After that, they started dating each other and got engaged in 2009.

They kept their relationship quite a low-key and made their romance public in 2010.

Mike Fisher with his wife Carrie Underwood
Mike Fisher with his wife Carrie Underwood Source: Instagram


Mike is 41 years old.

Net Worth

Mike's net worth is estimated to be $40 million. He earns from his ice hockey career.

Mike's Wife Carrie Had Two Miscarriages

Carrie had two miscarriages before they welcomed their first child. It was a very difficult time in their life. 

Mike was frustrated because they had lost two babies, and he was concerned about their future without children. 

He also had an idea of adoption. 

Carrie was angry at God because she had to suffer and desperately wanted to have a baby. 

They almost gave up on being parents. They had to bear the pain of losing their babies. 

God listened to their prayer, and one day she went to the doctor for a check-up; things turned out to be good, and she was pregnant with a baby boy.

Mike And Carrie Grew Up Differently

Mike grew up hunting and being outdoors with his siblings, whereas Carrie grew up on a cattle farm. 

She loves animals. She is a vegetarian and does not like buying leather things. 

She swore that she would never marry a hunter. 

After they got married, Carrie asked him if he had stopped hunting and he was shocked because he thought she would never care about that. 

Though they differ drastically, they, have love, respect, and support for each other, strengthening their relationship. 

They have faith in each other which is the backbone of their marriage despite the differences.

Interesting Facts About Mike

Mike is from Canada. He coached Nashville Predators in 2017. He has two brothers and a sister. He is Christian.

He loves to watch Seinfeld. His favorite junk food to eat is Dairy Queen Blizzards. 

He loves hunting and adventurous stuff. He has been involved in charitable works as well.

Karen Fisher's grandsons'
Karen Fisher's grandsons' Source: Instagram

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