Who Is Karen Love? Mother Of Kevin Love

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Who Is Karen Love? Mother Of Kevin Love

Karen Love is the mom of famous American basketball player Kevin Love. Her husband's name is Stan Love

She is the mother of three children. Her daughter is Emily Love, and her other son is Collin Love. Her height is 164 cm, and her weight is 69 kg.

Her husband, Stan, is a retired basketball player.

Karen Love with her husband and their daughter.
Karen Love with her husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

About Her Son

Karen and Stan Love are the parents of Kevin. He was born on the 7th of September 1988. 

He started his basketball career in 2008 with Minnesota Timberwolves, and recently he has been playing the game with Miami Heat.

He became the NBA champion in 2016. He has won NBA all-star five times in his career. 

In the 2012 London Olympics, he won the gold medal with American National Team

He also won the FIBA World Championship in 2010, which was held in Turkey.

Family of Karen Love.
Family of Karen Love. Source: Instagram


Her son Kevin is 34 years old at present.

Net Worth

Kevin's net worth is estimated at around $150 million as of 2023.

Son's Married Life

Kevin married Kate Block in 2022 after having love affairs for several years.

Kevin Love with his wife, Kate Block.
Kevin Love with his wife, Kate Block. Source: Instagram

In an interview with Graham Bensinger, Kevin, and his then-girlfriend, Kate Block, discussed their love life. 

Kate is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model. She mentioned that they developed feelings for each other at first sight. 

They also talked about their trip to Napa and meeting the winemakers, their first date, and their shared interest in the interview. 

Kevin shared his interest in wine.

Things Kevin Can’t Live Without

While talking with GQ Sports, Kevin revealed the ten things he can’t live without. 

He said that the most important thing for him was his bag. He loves to stitch different patches in his bag. 

He also likes to write cards with his hands. 

He mentioned red wine, Camera, Vinyls, Nike Air Force 1, Lincoln’s melancholy, a watch, Oura Ring, Hats, and Denim Jacket are the things that he cannot live without. 

Kevin Loves Being Called A White Boy

During his basketball career, he was called a White boy many times. 

Other players used to call him so to play mind games. 

He mentioned that it was part of the game, and he never took it much seriously. 

Such things are entirely normal in a heated battle, and it is not racist behavior, he added.

Kevin Has Gone Through Depression

During the low point in his career, Kevin used to get a lot of suicidal thoughts. 

In 2012, he was in the worst condition of his career. 

He locked himself in a dark room and came out only to eat or to go to play basketball. 

Several injuries kept him away from the game for a significant period. 

This created a state of anxiety which led him to depression. Love says that despite his basketball career, he is not as successful as he wanted to be. 

He also said that injuries kept him away from basketball. Because of all these events, he began planning his suicide. 

He still thinks about giving up his life. However, he kept himself motivated and tried to avoid such thoughts. 

He is still working to improve his mental health. He also said that if we don’t face such depressed heads, they drag us more toward darkness. 

After the death of actor Robin Williams, he started to keep himself motivated to fight against anxiety and depression.

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