Karen McCollum

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Karen McCollum

Karen McCollum is the ex-wife of former American professional basketball player Scottie Pippen. 

She had a son with Scottie named Antron Pippen. Karen herself is a social media personality. 

She belongs to African ethnicity. She is an American citizen by her nationality.

Karen McCollum ex- husband Scottie Pippen
Karen McCollum ex- husband Scottie Pippen Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Scottie Pippen 

Scottie has dated many women in his life. He was previously married to Karen

They got married in the year 1988. They both shared a son named Antron, who died in 2021

They stayed in a marital relationship for only two years and later ended their relationship. 

He then got married to Larsa Younan in 1997. They have four children together. They stayed as a couple for more than a decade. 

His wife filed for divorce in 2018, which got legally accepted in 2021. Scottie was involved with many women in his past. 

He has many children from his ex-girlfriends and fiancés. 

One of his former girlfriend, Sonya, has twin children with him with whom one died a few days after the birth.

Scottie Pippen with his sons
Scottie Pippen with his sons' Source: Instagram

About Scottie Pippen 

Scottie is an American former professional basketball player born on 25 September 1965

His full name is Scotty Maurice Pippen Sr. He was born to his parents, Ethel and Preston Pippen, in Arkansas with his 11 siblings. 

He started playing basketball at an early age and later became one of the best basketball players.  

As a basketball player, he has played many seasons in National Basketball Association

He was a very talented player who managed to win many awards because of his playing skills. 

He was well known for his defensive skills as a player. He gave his whole life to playing basketball. He retired in the year 2010.

Scottie Called Michael Jordan Selfish?

Scottie has published his memoir titled “Unguarded”. In that memoir, he has written about the documentary The Last Dance and his relationship with his fellow teammate Michael Jordan

The Last Dance was a documentary about basketball players and he liked the documentary. 

But Scottie show his dissatisfaction with the documentary as it glorified Michael Jordan as the player but failed to glorify the team. 

In the very first chapter of his memoir, he called Michael selfish because in games he always focused on himself. 

He is a great player and Scottie has no doubts about it but basketball is all about playing in the team and he didn’t care about the team. 

Scottie and Michael always showed that he had a great friendship when they were in court but Scottie cleared that it was not like how they showed on TV. 

Their relationship off the court was very different. But both Scottie and Michael have respect for each other and it will always be there. 

He said that Michael won’t be successful without him and Scottie can’t be successful without Michael. They both complete each other and that is the fact. 

Scottie opened up that he learned to play basketball on the dirt court and that was the time when he played the best games in his life. 

He was still learning but at that time he had no pressure and expectations which made him feel that was the best game that he played. 

He had a big family and after his dad became paralyzed Scottie was the one who took the responsibilities of his family. He got mature before his age and the responsibilities made him grow.


Scottie is 56 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Scottie is $20 Million. He earned as being a basketball player. 

Scottie Pippen Went Through Surgery

In 1998, Scottie  got injured. But he still managed to play and be beneficial for the team. But he wasn't given enough credit for his performance. 

Everybody was talking about Michael Jordan rather than him. He was excellent on his part, and his injury was not a minor one. 

He then went through surgery to repair his disc. It was not a great year for him.

Does Scottie Pippen Think That He Deserves All The Respect And Attention?

Scottie had been away from the media for a long time, but he decided to talk to the media in 2021

In the interview, he talked about how selfish his teammate from Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, was. 

He accused Jordan of being selfish by not giving him the credit and respect he deserved. 

Although people know Chicago Bulls for Jordan, he thinks he was the team's leader. 

The media focused on Jordan only because Scottie was out of people's eyes. 

Jordan also never credited him for his contribution to the team. 

He was angry and disappointed as he thought that he should be where Jordan is now.

Karen McCollum's Son Died At A Young Age

Karen's son Antron Pippen died in 2021 at the age of 33. He was the eldest son of Karen and her ex-husband, Scottie

Scottie also posted about his son's death on his Instagram account. 

According to him, Antron was suffering from chronic asthma which led to his death. 

He also said that his son was the basketball fan and player. They shared many memories talking about the game. 

If his son hadn't had asthma he would be the greatest player in the NBA.

It was a hard time for Karen and Scottie that they will never forget him.

Antron Pippen
Antron Pippen Source: Instgaram

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