Who is Karen Nussbaum? Daughter Of Mike Nussbaum

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Who is Karen Nussbaum? Daughter Of Mike Nussbaum

Karen Nussbaum is the daughter of late American actor and director Mike Nussbaum. Karen herself is a labor leader and founding director of Working America

She was born in 1950 and has her birthday on April 25

Her mother’s name is the late Annette Brenner. Her parents raised her with her two siblings. 

She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Married Life Of Karen 

Karen is married to her husband, Ira Arlook, which makes her his wife. 

They have been married together for a long time. The couple shares three kids named Jack, Gene, and Eleanor

Age And Net Worth 

Karen is 73 years old. She has a net worth of $1 - $5 Million. Her source of income is cooperatives

Karen Nussbaum's late father, Mike Nussbaum.
Karen Nussbaum's late father, Mike Nussbaum. Source: Pinterest

Karen Always Sought For Change

Karen has always been someone who looks forward to the change. 

Throughout all these years, she has done remarkable work and has brought changes. 

Karen said she grew up in a family worried about the social environment. 

Growing up, she has always heard and seen her family talk about what was happening in the world, and as a young girl, she always thought she had to do something. 

There was a revolutionary period when she was growing so she and her family saw every political movement on TV and felt terrible about it. 

She wanted to do something and believed that she had the potential to change it even when she was so young, and because of that, she became able to be the person she is now. 

Women Getting Low-Paid 

Karen started the organization 9 to 5 after realizing the problem while working as a clerk typist

She opened up that she worked as a clerk typist for a long time but failed to see the issue happening inside her office. 

She thought there were many problems outside the world for a long time but neglected the issues inside the office. 

Even though she worked at the office, she was getting paid significantly. 

Not only she but other women who worked there were getting meager pay. 

She had a co-worker who ate two hot dogs and a soda for two years straight so that she could save her money for marriage. 

Also, she noticed her other worker earning less than her son, who worked in a grocery store. 

Getting Inspired By Waitresses 

Karen started working as an activist from a very young age. 

It was what she always wanted to be, and when she started working, she thought her work would help her to build the union. 

But she realized she was not going correctly until she saw the servers strike. 

There was a strike happening on Harvard Square in the '70s. 

One waitress from a restaurant misbehaved, and even after complaining, the restaurant didn’t do anything about that matter, so all the servers from the restaurant came together, built a union, and started on strike. 

When Karen saw that, it became an awakening moment; she realized she could bring organization to her job and then worked on starting 9 to 5

Karen Lost Her Father

Karen’s father, Mike, was one of the well-known actors in Hollywood. 

Karen had seen and learned a lot of things from her dad and had a good relationship with him. 

Sadly, her dad, Mike, passed away on 23rd December at the age of 99. Losing a father was devastating for Karen

She said her dad would have his 100th birthday just six days later, but he couldn’t. 

According to Karen, her dad was a great man who had always supported her, and she is very thankful to her dad for teaching her to care about other people. 

Her mom died in 2003.

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