Karesse Grenier

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Karesse Grenier

Karesse Grenier is the mother of American actor, producer, director and musician Adrian Grenier

She was in a relationship with John Dunbar. She never married John but had a son with him. 

She was born in New Mexico and was a Mexican citizen. Her family members has Mexican-Spanish descent. 

Karessa with her son
Karessa with her son  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Adrian Grenier

Adrian was in a relationship with Melissa Keller. They both dated for two years and got separated. 

After that, he was in a relationship with Isabel Lucas. They got separated after dating for a few months. 

Later he dated Emily Caldwell. They both started dating in 2009

They stayed together for three years and broke up. Adrian was also caught spending time with Sarah Stephens.

As they were caught together, they were gossiped about dating each other.

Adrian is currently in a relationship with Jordan Roemmele. Jordan is an artist and business consultant by her profession. 

They both dated privately in the beginning. Later, people knew about their relationship when he tagged Jordan on social media.

They opened up about their relationship in 2020 but have been dating since 2017. He is living with his girlfriend in Austin, Texas

Karesse Grenier with her son
Karesse Grenier with her son  Source: Instagram 

About Adrian Grenier

Adrian's full name is Adrian Sean Grenier is an American actor, producer, musician, and director born on 10 July 1976.

He was born to Karesse and John Dunbar. His parents weren't married to each other. 

He was raised by his mother alone in New York City. He started his career in acting at a young age.

He started appearing in dramas at the beginning of his career. 

He earned a lot of popularity through his appearance in TV series named Vincent Chase.

Some of his movies are Drive Me Crazy, Trash Fire and Marauders. 

Adrian Grenier excited about his new movie

Adrian Grenier was interviewed on the TODAY podcast about his new movie Entourage

Adrian has earned huge popularity from his series, and that same series will now be shown as a movie. 

He will be seen playing the role of Vincent Chase, and the audience is going crazy about that. 

A short clip from his new movie is shown where Adrian, aka Vincent, gets a call from an agent for a role play, but Vincent clearly says that he will take the role only if he gets to direct it.

That was an amazing clip. Adrian said that after his series ended, his fans often questioned him about when the movie will come. 

It's been four years since his series ended, and now he is excited about the new fans. 

She is waiting to see the reaction of new fans who haven't watched the series but will be seeing the movie. 

Adrian said that he is 100% sure that his old fans will come to see his movie in the theatre even though they had watched the series. 

His movie Entourage is a big summer movie, and he has assured that old and new fans will both enjoy that movie. 

The interviewer then asked Adrian about the line between fact and fiction. 

Since Adrian has been in Hollywood for such a long period, the interview wanted to know his point of view on fact and fiction. 

Adrian replied, saying that he preferred to keep that line blurred. He said everything is all about pitfalls, and it is better if he doesn't see the line between fact and fiction. 

Adrian also talked about the writer of the movie. The writer is so amazing and creative. 

He said that every character in that movie has their own story, which is clearly shown in the movie. 

Adrian has no idea how the writer manages to do it all, but he finds it so amazing and appreciates it.


Karesse's son Adrian is 45 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Adrian is $12 Million. His source of income comes from being an actor, musician and producer. 

He was paid $20,000 per episode while working on a series named Entourage

Karesse Grenier Accused For An Accident

There were some problems in Karesse and Adrian's apartment. For this, a construction worker named Alberio Nunez was called to fix the problems going on in the apartment.

While doing work, Alberio needed a ladder to work on height. He then was given the ladder which was damaged and unsafe. 

Alberio didn't know about it, and he used it. Due to this, he fell off and got severely injured in different parts of his body. 

Hence his lawyer cased a file against Adrian and Karesse for the accident in their house due to a faulty ladder. 

On the other hand, Karesse and Adrian didn't talk about the matter in public and kept it secret.

Adrian Grenier Left Hollywood To Live Peacefully

Adrian is a popular actor and contributed many beautiful characters in Hollywood

From his first hit, Drive Me Crazy, to a blockbuster movie, The Devil Wears Prada, he has provided fabulous work in every character. 

He has spent about 20 years in acting, and suddenly he quit Hollywood for something much better. 

He has earned fame and money through acting and now owns a house in Austin

He has helped in several environmental works and helped people connect to nature. He found peace in doing so. So he decided to live in nature by shifting to Austin

There he loves the environment, people and food. He feels connected to mother earth and wants to convert his land into a wildlife sanctuary.

Adrian Grenier Couldn't Save A Dog

Adrian has always stood up for an environmental cause. He not only loves the environment and nature but also loves animals. 

It was proved in an incident that happened in 2013 when he was driving. 

He was driving in his zone when he saw a dog lying on the side of the street. 

He couldn't just ignore the dog. So, he stopped his car and rushed to the dog to check its pulse. 

He found out that something was wrong and hence he called the local authorities to take care of the dog. 

But later, he realized that the dog was no more. 

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