Who Is Karis Schneider? Daughter Of John Schneider

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Who Is Karis Schneider? Daughter Of John Schneider

Karis Schneider is the daughter of John Schneider, an American actor and singer. Karis's mother is Elly Castle

Karis Schneider with her mom and dad.
Karis Schneider with her mom and dad. Source: Pinterest

Parent's Married Life

Her parents married on 11 July 1993. In 2014, her mom, Elly, filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences. 

They were married for 21 years. Their divorce was finalized in 2019

Karis is the couple's only child. She has two half-siblings from her mother's side. Her father adopted both her half-siblings.

Parents of Karis Schneider.
Parents of Karis Schneider. Source: People

John's Love For His Late Wife Alicia 

Alicia was the third wife of John. He married her in 2019. She died in February 2023 because of breast cancer. They have no kids together.

After Alicia passed away a week later, John held her wedding dress at the ceremony, drove her favorite Corvette, and got a tattoo of her thumbprint. 

He writes daily letters to Heaven on Facebook, launched an AliciaWear clothing line, and believes they will reunite in the afterlife.

John aims to live in ways that would make Alicia smile. 

 John Schneider with his late wife.
John Schneider with his late wife. Source: The Today Show


Karis was born in 1996. She is 26 years old in 2023.

Net Worth

As an American actor and singer, Karis's father, John's net worth is about $1 million

John Posted Accusing President Joe Biden

John is known for Dukes of Hazzard and is a current contestant on The Masked Singer

The Secret Service investigates him. 

This comes after he posted on social media suggesting that President Joe Biden should be publicly hung. 

John posted and then deleted a message accusing President Joe Biden of treason and suggesting he be publicly executed. 

There are reports that the Secret Service is checking into his comments, but this hasn’t been officially confirmed. 

John says he didn't threaten anyone; instead, he thinks some leaders in Washington are corrupt. 

In an earlier interview, he talked about how being on The Masked Singer helped him cope with the recent death of his wife. 

John Shared His Experiences In Life

Actor John talked about his life and career. 

He discussed his early success in Hollywood, working on movies like Dumb and Dumber and Sorority Boys

John shared the challenges he faced when his dog got sick and the support he received from friends and fans. 

He also talked about facing tax troubles and spending time in jail. 

He shared how a judge mistreated his tax returns, causing financial problems. 

Despite all this, Jon stays positive, believing that overcoming challenges confirms he is on the right path. 

He encourages listeners to keep pushing through hardships and seize opportunities. 

John expressed gratitude to patrons, valuing the importance of expressing love. 

John Talked About His Movie To Die For

John described his new movie To Die For as a profoundly patriotic film about the American flag

He notes that many people want content that arranges with their values but are hesitant to speak up. 

John questions why the majority, who are conservative and prioritize family and daily life, feel pressured to cater to a vocal minority. 

He points out the odd change where displaying the American flag has become a political statement, finding it ridiculous. 

John talked about how the media portrays right and wrong using divisive tactics to influence public opinion. 

He refers to historical examples where false narratives gain traction and become hard to debunk. 

John aims for his movies To Die For to expose this manipulation and promote unity under the American flag

The films explored the protagonist’s realization that people like him are unfairly portrayed as villains despite their patriotic views. 

It challenges the audience to rethink their perspectives on the societal division caused by such narratives.

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