Who Is Karla Mora? Wife Of Guillermo Ochoa

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Who Is Karla Mora? Wife Of Guillermo Ochoa

Karla Mora is the beautiful wife of professional football goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa.

She was born on 1982 March 24. She was fond of modeling and fashion design.

Parents of Karla Mora.
Parents of Karla Mora. Source: Instagram

Relationship Between Karla And Guillermo

Karla is married to her husband, Guillermo. 

The couple met each other when Regina Padilla, the wife of former football player Gerardo Torrado, introduced them before the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. 

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Karla Mora dancing with her husband, Guillermo Ochoa.
Karla Mora dancing with her husband, Guillermo Ochoa. Source: Instagram

After dating each other for seven years, Ochoa gave a proposal to marry Karla.

Mora accepted, and both of them got married in Liza. There is no dispute between these couples since they are together. 

Karla sacrificed her career for her husband's support. Karla is the biggest fan of her husband.

About Her Children

Karla and Ochoa are caring and loving parents of their children. 

They have given birth to two daughters and one son. His elder daughter's name is Luciana. She is the eldest one among all three siblings. 

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Their second child was their son, Guillermo, who was older than the younger daughter and smaller than the elder one.

Family of Karla Mora.
Family of Karla Mora. Source: Instagram

The youngest daughter's name is Carla. The parents think that being together for them is happiness because it is a family moment. 

Taking pictures with the children is very fun and adorable for them. 

Even the images of their children with them represent their care and affection. 

Guillermo Gave His Best At Goalkeeping

Guillermo is one of the talented goalkeepers. He has amazing goal-keeping skills, but despite that, he is underrated than other goalkeepers. 

He was born to his parents in Guadalajara, but later family moved to Mexico City. 

He showed his interest in football when he was very young. He used to help his parents in their bakery, and whenever he had free time, he practiced football. 

Seeing his interest in football, his dad took him to a football academy. He got rolled up there and started training football practice.

In the beginning, he played as a midfielder, but one day, the goalkeeper of his team didn’t come, so he took his place. 

He was so amazing at goalkeeping that his skills shocked his whole team and coaching manager. 

That was the moment when he realized that he wanted to be a goalkeeper. Guillermo idolized Manchester United League’s goalkeeper Peter Schmeicher and followed his technique so that he could be good at the goalkeeping thing. 

He tried to match the energy of his idol, and slowly, he got to play his professional debut in Club America. 

Luckily, he got to do goalkeeping in his debut as the goalkeeper of his team was injured, so he stepped in. 

His performance impressed everyone. He worked really hard on his skills, and as time went by, his performance got even better. 

In 2004, he won the Rookie of the tournament award for his performance. 

By the year 2006 and 2007, Guillermo was on top for his goalkeeping skills. 

He won many awards and even got nominated for Ballon d’Or. He is currently 38 years old and still continuing goalkeeping and giving his best in every match.


The age of Karla is 40 years old. She is three years older than her husband.

Net Worth

Karla's net worth is currently unavailable because she hasn't been involved in any profession. 

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She left her profession as a model and designer to take care of her children and support her husband in his professional life. 

Instead, Guillermo's net worth is $5 Million. As a footballer, he has a good income.

About Husband, Guillermo 

Guillermo was born on July 13, 1985, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. 

He is a footballer by profession. He plays for Liga MX club America and the national team of Mexico

He is a goalkeeper in his position. He's full name is Francisco Guillermo Ochoa Magana. His nickname is Memo.

Guillermo's Opinion as a Goalkeeper

Guillermo is known as the goalkeeping legend of Club America. His skill has inspired many personalities. 

In a recent interview, he shared what kind of attributes today's goalkeeper should have. 

Guillermo said that a goalkeeper must have mental toughness. It would be best if you had a lot of confidence. 

Whenever we become alone on the field, the whole game depends upon a goalkeeper, which is why we are confident. 

Being a goalkeeper, you must also be able to use your feet to stop the ball rather than by hand. It would help if you had good footwork for such a block. 

So, he prefers young goalkeepers to learn the foot work from an early age, which can be a significant advantage for them in the upcoming days.

Goalkeeper Playing With Rugby Ball

A former Texans Punter, Shane Lechler, gave a challenge to Guillermo to kick the rugby ball within how many yards far he could kick the rugby ball. 

Memo completed his first 30 yards. Then, after completing the 35 yards. Then he went for 40 yards. 

Shane was shocked; how could he do it quickly? Memo joked as he was going to change his sport. Besides being a goalkeeper, he was very good at Rugby. 

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