Who Is Kate Cassidy? Mother Of Sam Smith

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Who Is Kate Cassidy? Mother Of Sam Smith

Kate Cassidy is popularly known to be a celebrity mother. She is the beautiful beloved mother of Sam Smith. 

Sam Smith is a very talented singer and songwriter who has sung many beautiful songs.

Besides being known as a celebrity mother, Kate was a broker. She had a well-paid job but eventually lost it. 

Her mother lost her job because she chose to promote her son's Sam music career. She is a very understanding and supportive mother.

Kate Cassidy with her husband and son.
Kate Cassidy with her husband and son. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Kate fell in love with her ex-husband Frederick Smith. The couple dated and married many years ago, in the 1990s

Kate was pregnant and welcomed their son Sam in the year 1992.  Besides Sam, they shared two other kids. 

They shared many years of memories and were each other back for more than a decade. 

But as they say, not everything goes according to our plan. The same happened with this couple. 

The love birds parted ways after many years of togetherness and marriage. 

When they separated, their son Sam was just 18 years old. Besides the couple, the person who was shattered by this news was Sam. 

Sam was pursuing his musical career at that time. As a result of his pain, he wrote a heartfelt song that left everyone in tears. 

The good part is that the son and dad duo never became apart and still share a perfect connection.

Frederick re-married in 2019, and the news was shared by his son Sam on Twitter.

Age And Net Worth

Kate's age is unknown, but her son Sam is 30. He was born on the 19th of May, 1992, in London, United Kingdom

His zodiac sign is Taurus. Just like defined by his zodiac, Sam is a romantic and emotional person.

Kate's net worth is unknown, but she lives a beautiful life like her son Sam and has a net worth of 45 million dollars

He is a Grammy-winning British singer. He has sung many hits and won many fans' hearts worldwide.

Kate Cassidy's son, Sam Smith.
Kate Cassidy's son, Sam Smith. Source: Instagram

Kate Knew About Sam's Sexuality At The Age Of Three

In an interview with Elton, Sam revealed that he knew he was gay at the age of 9 or 10

He shared that he knew him when he completed primary school at 10. 

He also added that when he told his mother about that fact, she was highly supportive and revealed that she knew it when he was just 3 years old.

Sam also shared his father's reaction when he shared. His father asked if hewaswass sure about what he was saying. 

But after his surety, his father also completely supported him. 

But his dad was very nervous for him as people wouldn't accept him, and he had seen many kids getting bullied for being gay.

Sam Was Bullied For Being Gay

Sam, in an interview, revealed that he has faced many situations in his life, but the good part is that he has not been affected by all those stuff. 

After winning the Grammy Award, Sam decided to share his story as a gay and stand up for all those who are gay so that they can have a better life than he had. 

He revealed that he has been bullied by his friends and the people around him since he was 11.

He has also faced physical abuse, not just verbal abuse, like getting bullied by some boys in public places. 

One of the incidents he shared was that he was punched by some men when returning home.

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