Katherine Jackson

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Katherine Jackson

Katherine Jackson is the mother of late American singer, songwriter and dancer Michael Jackson

She was the daughter of Martha Upshaw and Price Albert Screws. She was married to Joe Jackson

She has eleven children. She is an American citizen by nationality.

Katherine's late son Michael Jackson
Katherine's late son Michael Jackson  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Katherine Jackson

Katherine was in a relationship with Joseph Jackson previously. They met each other in 1947

After knowing each other, they fell in love and started dating each other. 

At that time, Joe was married to another woman and was in the process of getting divorced from her.

After separating from his first wife and dating Katherine for a year, he married Katherine in 1949

Katherine and Joe had ten children together. They had a very long-lasting relationship. 

They were husband and wife till the last breath of her husband. Her husband died in 2018 after being married for more than six decades. 

As of 2021, she is single. 

Katherine with her husband
Katherine with her husband   Source: Instagram 

About Katherine Jackson 

Katherine is the matriarch of the Jackson family entertainers born on May 4, 1930. Her birth name was Katti B. Screws

Her parents raised her with her siblings in Alabama, USA

She wanted to be an actor and country singer when she was young but could not be. 

She is well known for being the mother of famous late star Michael Jackson

She was married and had eleven children, among which two are no more.

Katherine with her sister
Katherine with her sister  Source: Instagram 


Katherine was born on May 4, 1930, in the United States, and her current age is 91 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Katherine Jackson is $100 Million. Her source of income is the head of the Jackson family entertainer. 

Her children are from a music background.

Katherine Was All Broken After A Big Loss

Katherine is known as the mother of famous singer Michael Jackson

But little did people know, Michael died at such a young age. The world was shocked and sad, but Katherine was broken as a mother. 

It was a big loss for her. Michael always did everything possible for Katherine

Just after Michael's death, Katherine found a poem by Michael to her. 

It described how much he loves his mother and wants her to be happy. It made her more broken. 

The poem was framed later in the memory of the late Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson Went Through Plastic Surgery

Michael was a black guy at the beginning of his career. After some years, his face turned white and unusual. 

That shocked his fans and the world, and rumors started to spread. 

People and media started saying that Michael Jackson did his face surgery to look white. People also said many other things. 

But when the singer was himself asked, he told the truth. The only time he had plastic surgery was when he broke his nose. 

Rather than that, he never had done anything to his skin. And the color change of his skin resulted from a skin disorder named vitiligo. 

Due to the disease, his appearance changed eventually.

Michael Jackson Died Due To Drugs

Michael was considered The King of Pop and was the top superstar of his time. Still, now, many people follow his songs and dance steps. 

But on June 25, 2009, the world got shocked after hearing that the superstar was no more. 

Michael had one of the biggest shows to do and could not sleep. So his physician gave him a series of drugs that included Propofol.

Due to its overdose, he had a cardiac arrest and lost his life. The doctor was then sentenced to four years in prison.

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