Who Is Katherine Kady Allen? Stunning Daughter Of Tim Allen

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Who Is Katherine Kady Allen? Stunning Daughter Of Tim Allen

Katherine Kady Allen is an actress and singer primarily known for her performance in Last Man Standing. She comes from a family of stars.

Her father, Tim Allen, is an actor and comedian, and her mother, Laura Diebel. 

She has a younger brother.

Parents of Katherine Kady Allen.
Parents of Katherine Kady Allen. Source: Pinterest

Are Katherine's Parents Still Together?

Katherine's parents were college sweethearts. They tied the knot in 1984. 

They ended their relationship after being married for 15 years in 1999.

Tim was addicted to alcohol and was not prioritizing his relationship as she felt disconnected. 

So it was better they called off their marriage. After that, he began dating Jane Hajduk.

They tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony in 2006. The couple shares a child. 

Katherine was also present at her dad's wedding. 

Katherine Kady Allen with her father and stepmom.
Katherine Kady Allen with her father and stepmom. Source: Pinterest

Is Katherine Married?

Kathrine was married to actor Alex Farragut, but they got separated. The couple shares a daughter. 

Now she is in a relationship with Glen Howerton, and they are not married yet.


Katherine is 33 years old. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs around 57 kg.

Net Worth

Katherine's net worth is unknown. However, her father has a whopping 100 million dollars net worth

He has earned this fortune from his career as a comedian and actor. 

He has been featured in several TV shows. During Home Improvement, he used to charge $1.25 million per episode. 

He charged $235 thousand per episode for Last Man Standing. He is one of the highest-paid TV actors.

Tim Had A Rough Time Growing Up

Tim's father was killed when he was just 11 years old. His father was killed by a drunk driver in an accident. 

This tragedy still haunts him to date. 

He said that when he was a young kid, he always thought of why that happened to him and who was responsible for it most of the time. 

He said his father meant the world to him, and the next moment he was gone. 

It was difficult for him to cope with his father's untimely death. 

When he was in college learning philosophy and design, he had to serve in prison for two years on the charge of drug abuse. 

He almost ruined his life. He admitted that he got himself into trouble and humiliated his family. 

He said he was selfish at that time. 

Tim Shared His Experience Of Attending Trump's Inauguration

Tim was invited to the Presidential inauguration. He shared it was big for him as he had never been to such government events. 

He said there were so many people. 

He added the ex-president came from a helicopter then he was taken to another side by jets and marines. 

He said there was a parade too.

Tim Is Known For His Iconic Grunt

Even though the show Home Improvement ended many years ago, fans are still crazy about Tim's grunt, which he used to do in the show. 

He said that fans come to him and ask him to grunt for them. 

He recalled an incident when his called was pulled over as he had a high-performance car, and it made a lot of noise. 

He stopped the car, and as soon as he pulled down his window, the police officer grunted. 

Tim Doesn't Understand Superhero Movies

Tim admitted he is a movie cop. He said as a kid when he watched a movie, he found it all fake. 

He said he loves superhero movies but has issues watching them. 

He shared that he watched the movie Hulk, which grew two thousand more times his actual size, and he was screaming about how his pants still fit him and why they didn't fly off. 

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