Who Is Katherine Lemon Clark? Mother Of Don Lemon

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Who Is Katherine Lemon Clark? Mother Of Don Lemon

Katherine Lemon Clark is the mother of American TV Journalist Don Lemon

Marriage And Children

Katherine was married to her former husband back in 1977. Unfortunately, the name of her husband is not revealed yet. 

Katherine shared a son named Don with the late Wimon Richardson, an attorney. Katherine was married to another man when she welcomed Wilmon’s son in 1966

Wilmon also was married to another woman. Katherine left her first husband because he was not good with her, and as Wilmon was a married man, she couldn’t go with him. 

Katherine's son had no idea about his biological dad until he was five. Don was raised with his mother's last name rather than his father's surname.

Wimon died due to diabetes. 

Katherine Lemon Clark's late boyfriend, Wimon Richardson.
Katherine Lemon Clark's late boyfriend, Wimon Richardson. Source: Twitter

About Her Son

Don is a TV journalist known for being the former anchor of CNN. He was raised by his mom and stepfather in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 

He was born in the year 1966. He has his birthday in March.

Katherine Lemon Clark with her son, Don Lemon.
Katherine Lemon Clark with her son, Don Lemon. Source: Instagram

Is Don Married?

Don is not married yet but is engaged to his fiance Tim Malone. Tim is a real estate agent.

They met in 2017 in New York, and shortly after, they started dating.

Don has been very open about his relationship with his boyfriend since they started dating. In 2019, they got engaged and were happily living. 

They share many pictures of them on social media and are often seen together.

 Don Lemon with his fiancee, Tim Malone.
Don Lemon with his fiancee, Tim Malone. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Don is 57 years old. He has a net worth of $12 Million.

Don Comming Out As Gay Made Katherine Insecure

Katherine and her son Don are very close to each other. Her son Don is gay by his sexuality, and he has known about his sexuality since he was five.

Katherine was the first person with whom Don spoke about him being gay. 

Don was dealing with his breakup with his first boyfriend, and Katherine noticed the sadness that Don was dealing so she asked Don what was wrong with him. 

That was when Don opened up about his relationship with a boy, and his mom realized that her son was gay. 

Katherine didn’t accept his son’s sexuality and became insecure about how other people would take that matter. 

She became insecure about Don’s career and his emotional health. 

It took Katherine a long to accept her son’s sexuality, but eventually, Don’s openness got through to her, and it became easier for her to accept Don for who he was.  

Don Got Kicked Out

Don is known for being the host of CNN. He joined the CNN team back in 2006 and worked till 2023

After 17 years working with CNN, Don got fired on April 2023.

After the news of Don getting kicked out by CNN, many people assumed that the childish and misogynistic act he had shown over his working days on CNN was why he got fired. 

However, CNN, itself, didn’t issue the reason itself. 

On the other hand, Don revealed that he received the news of his getting fired through his agent, and it was so disappointing for him as he gave 17 years of his life to the channel, and the channel didn’t even inform him about his termination personally. 

He even claimed that he didn’t even have a hint of him getting kicked out of the show when he was working. 

Don Was Assaulted

Don came out as gay in 2011. Being a black gay man hasn’t been easy for him. 

As a journalist, Don has shared many sexual assault news on his channel, and while talking about that, Don shared the seriousness of sexual assault and how deeply it can affect the victim. 

Don himself had lived the pain of assault and knows precisely why it takes time for the victim to share their story. 

Don was assaulted by a teenager when he was just a child and didn’t share this part of his life until he was 30

When he was 30 years old, he shared this with his mom, and after that, he started talking about his assault in the media and books. 

As Don has been a part of the assault, he shared that the fear of being judged and doubt of not being trusted is the thing that keeps victims from sharing their assault stories. 

Don Was Accused Of Harassing A Man

In 2018, Dustin Hice filed a case against Don for sexual harassment. 

He was a bartender working at a New York bar and claimed that Don assaulted him by making him sniff the finger that was inserted into the side of his pants and rubbed his private parts. 

Don aggressively told him to sniff his figures two or three times. The bartender had shown up in many interviews and detailed his story. 

Dustin said that he felt humiliated by what Don did to him and claimed that he had witnessed who saw Don doing those things to him. 

However, Don denied all the accusations, and the lawsuit against Don was dropped as Dustin changed his words. 

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