Who Is Kathleen Elliott? Mother Of Brooke Elliot

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Kathleen Elliott is the mother of Brooke Elliot, a famous American singer and actress.

About Brooke Childhood 

Brooke was born on November 16, 1974, in Fridley County, Minnesota. 

She loved singing from a young age, and her parents have kept videos of her singing “You Light Up My Life.” 

She attended a high school in Riverview, Michigan, and graduated in 1993 from Gabriel Richard Catholic School

While there, she acted in several plays like “ The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” “Joseph,” and “Richard III.” 

After high school, she attended Western Michigan University and got a bachelor's degree in fine arts in musical performance in 1998

Brooke is not married yet and likes to keep her personal life private. 

She is a strong and independent woman who supports women’s empowerment.

Kathleen Elliott's daughter Brooke Elliot.
Kathleen Elliott's daughter Brooke Elliot. Source: Instagram

About Family

Brooke's parents are Kathleen and Robert Elliott. Robert is a city manager

She has one sister named Jamie Alexander and a brother named Adam Elliott. Their childhood was very much pleasant. 

Her parents had to transfer many times while they were kids. Her family finally settled in Riverview in Michigan, when Brooke was in high school. 

Brooke's Mysterious Relationship Status

Brooke’s real-life relationship status is a bit mysterious. 

In 2012 there was an article mentioning that she was in a relationship, but since then, she has kept her life very private and low-key. 

People have been curious about Brooke's status if she is married or not. 

Besides her fan's curiosity, Brooke does not care what people think. 

She is either looking for a partner to settle down with as she ages, or she may already have someone special in her life. 

But it is okay if she enjoys her time without being in a relationship. 

People do not need to worry much about her being single because she lives her life to the fullest. 

Brooke breaks the stereotypes by showing people that we can enjoy our life without getting married or being in a relationship to be happy.


Kathleen's age is not revealed yet. She is a very private woman and loves to keep her life low-key. 

Net Worth

Brooke's net worth is about 5 Million Dollars as an actress and singer. She is living a very lavish lifestyle.

Brooke Talked About Drop Dead Diva

Brooke played in Drop Dead Diva, which was a TV Show. Later on, the show was canceled and came back in a video. She talks about the show. 

She said she had a feeling that the series was not over despite the initial cancellation and thanked them for their support on Twitter. 

She is thrilled to work with guest stars and admits to being starstruck by them. 

Brooke hints at upcoming plot points like the end of Jane and Owens's relationship and Jane's pursuit of Grayson

Her work on the show shares her desire to return to theatre. Overall she is excited about the show’s return and grateful for the fan’s involvement. 

Being A Plus Size Woman In Hollywood

Brooke is a plus-size woman. Being plus-size women, many people face problems like getting bullied and all. 

Brooke has also struggled with her body image. 

In an interview, she said an average American woman could relate more to a plus-size woman than a typical actress in Hollywood

She worked on the body. She took a low-calorie diet plan and only ate healthy foods. 

But besides all this, Brooke inspires people to be happy with their bodies and love themselves. 

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