Who Is Kathryn Dean Lail? Sister Of Elizabeth Lail

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Who Is Kathryn Dean Lail? Sister Of Elizabeth Lail

Kathryn Dean Lail is the sister of actress Elizabeth Lail. She is two years older than Elizabeth. She was born in 1990.

Her mother is Kay Laurene Surratt, and her father is Dean Franklin Lail. Katheryn is a musician by profession.

She also plays piano.

Parents of Kathryn Dean Lail.
Parents of Kathryn Dean Lail. Source: Instagram

Is Elizabeth Married?

Elizabeth is happily married to Nieku Manshadi. Her husband is not from the entertainment industry. 

He is an ordinary man who is a pediatric dentist by profession. They tied the knot in 2021 in New York

They met at a party. Nieku said that it was love at first sight for him. He proposed to her in 2020

They got married during the COVID time. They don’t have a daughter or son till now.

 Elizabeth Lail and her husband.
Elizabeth Lail and her husband. Source: Pinterest


Elizabeth is 31 years old. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She weighs around 60 kg.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress.

Elizabeth Played As Guinevere Beck In Netflix Series 'You'

Elizabeth was part of the Netflix psychological series 'You.' She said she was excited to participate in such an incredible show. 

She said she wanted to be on the show even more as she connected with her character a lot and wanted to advocate for her character. 

She loved the darkness of the show. She added she got along well with the cast members while shooting. 

She said her co-stars were terrific. 

Elizabeth Talked About Her Intimate Scenes On 'You'

Elizabeth joked that she apologized to her parents before shooting those intimate scenes. 

She said no parents wanted to see their kids do this on camera. But her parents were supportive of her career. 

She said her mother told her friends that her daughter played the adult role in that show. 

She said her co-star, Penn Badgley, was very supportive, kind, and respectful. 

She said she was fortunate to have him as her co-star and added she was safe. 

She shared that when they were shooting those scenes, she had a friend in the costume department holding a robe on the corner, and she used to look at her and giggle while shooting. 

She said her friend helped her. 

Elizabeth Talked About Working With Penn Badgley

Penn plays the role of Joe Goldberg in the Netflix show 'You.' Elizabeth worked with him on season 1. 

She said Penn is a very genuine person in real life. She added he is filled with goodness and treats everyone well. 

She added he was very conscious about his character and tried to give justice to it. 

Elizabeth Asked Why Her Apartment Was So Big In The Show 'You'

Elizabeth said her onscreen apartment was ten times bigger than her real-life apartment. 

She said two cats in that apartment were not shown on show. 

She added they had to make that apartment big so the crew and cameraman could operate smoothly. 

She said though the apartment was unbelievably big, the kitchen was small. 

Elizabeth Shared How She Got Into Acting

Lail shared that her mother forced her to do a play when she was 12

She said she was scared to do that and met some of her best friends through theater. 

She said she did summer camp for acting. She continued to do acting and felt good about it. Eventually, she decided to pursue acting as her career. 

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