Kathy Sudeikis

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Kathy Sudeikis

Kathy Sudeikis is a travel agent and the mother of an American actor, comedian, producer, screenwriter, Jason Sudeikis

She is of German and Irish descent.

Jason, Engaged Twice And Married Once

Jason has been in love and enjoyed romance twice with two different American personalities. In 2004, he married screenwriter Kay Cannon

The couple's married life lasted for six years before finally divorcing in 2010. Before two years of the divorce, the couple had already been living separately.

His other romance was with actress Olivia Wilde, engaged in January 2013, this couple has two children together named Otis Sudeikis and Daisy

Unfortunately, Jason and Olivia separated in 2020

Jason Sudeikis with his ex-wife Olivia Wilde
Jason Sudeikis with his ex-wife Olivia Wilde Source: Instagram

Recently, Jason was rumored to be dating an English model, Keeley Hazell. 

How Kathy Impacted Jason's Career

In an interview for his film, Mother's Day, Jason shared how his mother had a lasting impact on his decision to be an actor. 

Kathy had always been the kind of mother to let her kids enjoy and appreciate various forms of art. 

So whenever their family would visit multiple cities, she would take Jason and his sisters to different plays and shows that were performing at the time. 

This allowed Jason to take a closer look at the future he would have as an actor/entertainer. 

He revealed that his mother's little experiences gave him snowballed and set him to become the actor that he has become today. 

His mother's impact has also translated onto his sister Kristen who is also in the arts in New York.

Kathy's Travel Business And TV Appearances 

Kathy has been working in the travel field for more than half a century. Her work is based in Kansas City

From 2004 – 2006, she was the president of ASTA and is currently the vice president of Acendas Travel Agency's corporate relations. 

Her clients for her travel business are usually celebrities who require anonymity when they travel for vacation. 

She has been able to satisfy their needs without fail. Among her many clients from the film/entertainment industry was Yul Brynner. She managed the actor's The King And I tour and his funeral too.

She has also made appearances on the TV shows such as CBS's This Morning and The Today Show while representing and promoting her travel agency. 

This allowed her to form favorable relationships with many television executives and their staff.  

Kathy Has Ties To The Celebrity World

Apart from being actor Jason Sudeikis's mother, Kathy has several professional relations with other celebrities. In fact, she had been working with stars even before Jason's birth. 

For the celebrity's privacy, Kathy has not shared any names but has revealed some of the details regarding her experience of working with them. 

When Kathy had to arrange a famous film star's trip, she had to book numerous hotel rooms in different cities if the star met paparazzi or unwanted fans along the way. 

As the star traveled via train, Kathy had to book an entire train car while having an airplane flight at stand-by. 

Likewise, she had to also deal with celebrities who did not want to sit beside each other during the same flight. 

Her work even required her to send emergency supplies like baby diapers for her actress client as the actress had forgotten to pack enough diapers for her son when vacationing on an island far away in Morocco

She has also arranged her son and daughter-in-law, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde, and their other celebrity friends such as Paul Rudd, Robb Riggle, and Eric Stonestreet.

Who Is Kathy's Husband?

Kathy is married to Daniel Joseph Sudeikis. He works as the vice president of enterprise development. He has Irish and Lithuanian ancestry.

Kathy Sudeikis Awarded As ASTA President
Kathy Sudeikis Awarded As ASTA President Source: Pinterest

Together they have three children named Lindsey, Kristen, and Jason Sudeikis

Lindsey works as a high school teacher and a basketball coach, while Kristen is an actress and dancer. Their only son, Jason, is a widely known actor.

Net Worth

Kathy Sudeikis's net worth is under review. Her income is estimated to be $61,300 on average per year. 

But, her son, Jason Sudeikis, has a net worth of $10 million.

Kathy's income is structured as shown below:

Minimum Income$28,800 per year 
Maximum Income $96,900 per year

Age, Height, And Weight

  1. Kathy current age is 74 years old.
  2. Her height and weight are yet to be revealed.
  3. She has blonde hair.

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