Who Is Kathy Verlander? Mother Of Justin Verlander

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Who Is Kathy Verlander? Mother Of Justin Verlander

Kathy Verlander is the mother of Justin Verlander, an American baseball pitcher. She is married to Richard Verlander. 

She has two children, Ben and Kathy.

Kathy Verlander with her husband and son, Ben.
Kathy Verlander with her husband and son, Ben. Source: Instagram

Son's Loving Family

Kate Upton and Justin met during a commercial shoot in 2012

They started dating and got engaged in 2016. They married in November 2017, just days after Justin's team won the World Series

In 2018, they welcomed their daughter Genevieve. The couple is very supportive of each other’s achievements. 

They hosted an adoption event in Florida, showing their love for baseball and animals. 

Justin opened up about how Kate helped him during a challenging career, and they shared their excitement about becoming parents. 

They both cherish their daughter and want her to have memories of her dad playing baseball. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they donated Justin’s paychecks from baseball to different charities to help during the crisis. 

They also celebrated their daughter’s birthday with family. 

The family walked the red carpet at the MLB All-Star Game with their daughter. 

In 2022, Justin’s team won the World Series, and Kate and Genevive were there to cheer him on. 

Family of Justin Verlander.
Family of Justin Verlander. Source: Instagram

Proud Mom of Two

Kathy is a proud mom of two sons, Justin and Ben. Both of her sons are talented baseball players.

Kathy and her husband didn’t have a sports background but supported their son’s interests. 

Justin was a late bloomer and wasn’t always a standout player, but through hard work and dedication, he eventually did great in baseball. 

He went to college before entering the Majors, which helped him develop as a player and person. 

Ben, their younger son, also loves baseball and has been successful in college. 

Children of Kathy Verlander.
Children of Kathy Verlander. Source: Instagram


Kathy's son Justin is 40 years old.

Net Worth

Her son Justin's net worth is about $150 million.

Justin Talked About His Feelings Before An Important Game

Justin talked about his feelings before a crucial game against the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship Series (ALCS)

He is excited but also nervous because playoff games are a big deal. 

He emphasized how crucial it is for players to take these opportunities seriously because it might be their last chance to compete at this high level. 

Verlander also talked about how his team, The Astros, has an advantage with a strong lineup that can help score runs. 

He mentioned the challenges of dealing with days off during the playoffs and how players have routines to stay in the groove. 

He appreciates having an older manager who brings experience and good instincts to high-pressure situations. 

Justin also discussed the importance of not taking unnecessary risks in playoff games where the stakes are higher. 

He faces strong opponents like Brantley and Altuve, and their approach inspires him. 

Despite past injuries and missing some of the season, he doesn’t feel any fresher now than in previous playoffs. 

He talked about his game day routine and spending time with his daughter before games.

Justin explains that postseason games are different from regular-season games. It is like going from a regular class to a big exam. 

Players take these games very seriously and prepare for them over time. 

The team's culture and expectations help them stay focused and avoid complacency. 

They plan to be in the playoffs, and that mindset keeps them driven into November

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