Who is Katia Coman? Mother Of Kingsley Coman

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Katia Coman is the mother of French professional football player Kingsley Coman. 

Married Life Of Katia

Katia is married to her husband named, Christian Coman. They have a son together named Kingsley, a great football player. 

They have been married for a long time now. Katia and her husband both have been very supportive of their son since his childhood days. 

Why Katia Named Her Son Kingsley?

Katia found the name Kingsley when she was reading an article. The article was about illegal African immigrants who took a boat to Europe

A character named Kingsley helped those immigrants by his destiny to reach over there. 

That's how Katia found her son's unique name, "Kingsley."

Katia Coman's son, Kingsley Coman.
Katia Coman's son, Kingsley Coman. Source: Instagram

About Katia's Son Kingsley

Kingsley is a French football player who currently plays for Bayern Munich FC

He is also in the France national team. Kingsley was born in Paris, France, making him a French citizen by nationality. 

Kingsley Relationship Status

Coman is not married yet, but he is engaged to his fiancee, Sabrina Duvad

They have been together since 2019. A year after dating, Kingsley proposed to his girlfriend very romanticly. 

As of 2022, he and Sabrina have a daughter together. 

Family of Kingsley Coman.
Family of Kingsley Coman. Source: Instagram

His Past Relationship 

Coman was previously in a relationship with Sephora Goignan.

They both dated each other for a long time and shares two daughters named Leyna and Kaylee

The couple broke up in a very messy way as Sephora sued Kingsley for violating her.

Age And Net Worth

The age and net worth of Katia is unknown. 

Her son Kingsley is 26 years old. He has a net worth of $57 Million

Katia Was Desperate To Watch Football

Katia’s son Coman was playing in Bayern Munich FC in 2019 when the team went against RB Leipzig for the final match of the DFB-Pokal

The match was one of the most important matches for Coman, and being his supporter, his mother, Katia, didn't want to miss the game at all. 

She was watching the match on the television, but the television suddenly went off. 

She couldn’t resist the match as she wanted to know what was happening and how her son was playing. 

She was so desperate that she went to the nearest fan pub full of people watching the game. 

There she sat down and asked where her son was. People thought her son was lost or something. 

Later she revealed that her son was playing in the match. People cheered for her and her son. 

She sat in the pub, drinking beer and watching the match. Her son Coman also scored in the game, making her very proud.

Bayern won the match, and she was happy about it. Later the pub posted about the incident of Katia visiting their pub.

Coman Attacked His Girlfriend

Coman was playing for Bayern Munich when the incident happened. He had to go to court, and he was fined €5000.

Coman was charged with domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Sephora Goignan in 2017.

The allegations were made that he attacked the model Sephora entering her house. 

After the case started, the judge didn’t take long to decide the outcome, and Coman accepted his crime.

He agreed to the case that was filed against him. He was said to pay Sephora a total of €5000, which he did after the hearing session. 

Due to his same court process, he had to miss the training sessions with his club.

Coman Would Not Play World Cup After 2022

In 2018, Coman couldn’t join the World Cup because he struggled with an injury. 

Fortunately, he has been part of the 2022 World Cup. Still, he expressed that he would not get much time on the pitch because of the team's formation. 

He also revealed that a 4-3-3 formation would be best for him and his team, as he will get the opportunity to play. 

He said that the 2022 World Cup is his first but could be the last one in his life. 

He is already 26 years old, and up to the next World Cup, he would already lost his full potential due to his age. 

So he wants to do what’s left of him within this World Cup.

Coman Has A Brilliant Record

Many dreams of winning titles for the team and themselves while playing for any team. 

Some people are successful in winning some trophies, and some are not. 

But for Coman, he has been continuously winning the titles for his team from his time at PSG in the 2012/13 season to the date. 

There has not been a single season that the attacker didn’t win any title. 

He is currently playing for Bayern Munich, and with his current club, he has won more than 20 trophies which is a significant number. 

His stat also proves his worth to the world.

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