Katia Langenheim

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Katia Langenheim

Katia Langenheim is an artist and the proud mother of Ruby Rose, an Australian model, actress, and TV presenter. 

Katia is the great-granddaughter of a renowned actress named Ellen Bang.

She was married to Taiyang Xiao Long and had one daughter with him named Ruby Rose.

Katia Langenheim with her daughter
Katia Langenheim with her daughter  Source: Pinterest

Katia Langenheim As Single Parent

Katia was married to Taiyang Xiao Long and got pregnant. 

She gave birth to her daughter Ruby at the very young age of 20

Her husband was too harsh on her. He mentally and physically abused her. 

Because of that, she left her husband and ran away with her daughter.

She wanted to take her daughter away from that hell and give her a peaceful life. She was a single parent and raised her daughter by herself alone. 

Daughter Ruby Rose Was Abused for Being Lesbian

Ruby was harassed many times in her childhood because of her sexuality. 

At the very young age of 12, Ruby found her real identity as a lesbian. Though her mother already accepted her for who she was and supported her fully. 

Society and people always made fun of her. The boy's mate bullied her in school. 

She was mentally and physically harassed, that she even thought of committing suicide many times. 

Not only had she thought, she even attempted suicide many times. 

She was mentally so disturbed that she suffered from many mental disorders. 

She suffered from clinical depression along with complex post-traumatic stress disorder.

As before, she wanted to be a boy and have men's body parts and thought of going through surgery. 

She even said that she never wanted to have a boob like girls, so she used to sleep on her front to avoid breast growth, which she thought worked. 

But later, after she grew up, she dropped the idea of surgery to have her children in the future.

Katia Langenheim daughter
Katia Langenheim daughter   Source: Instagram

Daughter Ruby Rose Injured on Set

Ruby got into a horrible accident while acting on a set. She broke her neck badly, which hampered her spinal cord. 

Her spinal cord was injured before also. 

After that accident, she was immediately rushed into the hospital. That injury left her in huge pain. 

As her spinal cord was badly hampered, she was at the risk of getting paralyzed. To prevent that, doctors had to do emergency surgery on her neck.

Daughter's Relationship Status 

Ruby was in a relationship with Jessica Origliasso in 2006. They both dated each other for 2 years and ended their relationship. 

They had even dated each other back in 2008 but got separated and reunited in 2016.

After that, in 2014, she got engaged with Phoebe Dahi but later separated after one year. 

She had also been in a relationship with Harley Gusman in 2016 for a very short period. 

As of 2021, Ruby is single, but according to the rumors, she is dating Caity Lotz as she posted on her Instagram wishing Caity on her 34th birthday

But that rumors is not authentic.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ruby is $2 Million. Her source of income is a model-actor and TV presenter 

Age, Height, and Weight

She was born in 1966, and her current age is 55 years old. She is Australian by nationality.

About Ruby Rose

Ruby is an Australian actress, model, and TV presenter born on 20 March 1986

Her mother's name is Katia Langenheim. She was raised by her mother alone. 

She is lesbian by her sexuality, because of which she had a very rough childhood. 

She also had mental illness as she was harassed for her sexuality. 

Her acting career started in 2008 before that she came to know as a presenter on MTV Australia. She is well known for the character she played in Batwomen.

Many people judged her role in that series which led her to delete her Twitter and Instagram accounts. 

She had always supported the LGBT community and told everyone to be kind and support each other. She had come up here because of her struggles and hard work.

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