Who Is Katie Maloney? Wife Of Tom Schwartz

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Who Is Katie Maloney? Wife Of Tom Schwartz

Katie Maloney is the wife of American actor Tom Schwartz. 

She was born to her parents, Teri Noble Maloney and Richard Maloney

She was born in 1987 and had her birthday on January 16. She is an actress by profession. 

She is an American citizen

Married Life Of Katie 

Katie was married to her husband, Tom

The couple got married to each other back in 2016, but at that time, they didn't have any paper works done about their marriage. 

The couple completed their paperwork for their wedding in 2019

They started dating each other back in 2011, and after dating each other for five years, they got married. 

But the couple ended their marriage on March 15, 2022. Their divorce is yet to be final.

Katie Maloney with her husband Tom Schwartz
Katie Maloney with her husband Tom Schwartz Source: Instagram


Katie is 35 years old. Her height is 1.75m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Katie is $25 Million. Her source of income is acting

Not Ready For Divorce

Katie and Tom were together for 12 years and were married for five years, but sadly the couple has decided to end their marriage life. 

Katie's ex-husband opened up about their divorce through his Instagram and revealed that he was not ready for the divorce. 

He was really sad and heartbroken as Katie wanted a divorce from him. 

He wrote on his social media that he will always have immense love and respect for Katie in his heart. 

They had a peaceful conversation about that, and he respects Katie's decision. 

He doesn't want to get parted away from Katie, but If he forced her to stay in that marriage, she would not be happy with him, and he wants her to be happy in her life. 

They have no harsh feelings for each other, and both of them admire each other, but sadly, they can't be together.

Katie Had Issues With Her husband.

In an interview, Katie opened up about her marriage relationship with her husband. 

This interview was given by Katie a month before she broke up with her husband. 

She told that she and her husband didn't had a perfect marriage at all. They always fought with each other and had issues with them.

She said that people who try to show their relationship perfect should stop doing that because she knows that none of the relationships are perfect, and their marriage life falls apart for those who act like that. 

She said that she and her husband don't hide their mistakes, and they are open about their issues with each other too. 

She thinks that is good because she feels that she and her husband live in truth, and that is better. 

Both of them also don't care about other people thinking. 

Nearly Lost Her Life

Katie opened up in an interview about her accident which nearly took her life. 

She opened up that accident was a death experience for her. 

She said that she was hanging out with some people while they thought of going to the rooftop to take pictures. 

She then went to the roof and sat there over a skylight to take some selfies, but suddenly she fell off there. 

She fell severely right through the center of the staircase and smacked herself on the staircase's railing. 

She collapsed after smacking herself on the railing, and she directly opened her eyes the following day and found herself on the bed of a hospital. 

She said that she broke her collar bone, jaw, and ribs and damaged her brain. 

It was a horrible accident, but she was glad that she survived.

Celebrates Injury Anniversary Every Year

Back in 2006, Katie faced a terrible accident in which she fell off the skylight and broke her jaw and collarbone. 

She had terrible injuries after that accident, and she was unable to do anything at the time. 

She was lucky that she survived such a deadly accident, and now she is very grateful for the life she has. 

Because of that, she learned the real meaning of life. 

As she got alive after that life-taking accident, she and her husband celebrated the anniversary of that accident to remind herself how grateful she was for the second life that she got.

Katie Maloney with her husband Tom Schwartz
Katie Maloney with her husband Tom Schwartz  Source: Instagram 

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